21 April 2009

Fashion Illustration

source: metrofashion.com

I love fashion. It's a huge part of my life. My Mom was a designer and buyer for a major department store chain and my Dad is just as into fashion. (granted he as 2 daughters and a wife who love it but I mean he loves his J. Press and Bobby Jones clothing just as much as I love every single thing in my closet!) So basically I was destined to love fashion and become a shopoholic. End of story.
I interned at Giorgio Armani for a summer and Bonnie Young for another and will continue along those lines. I'm an expert at the retail therapy, I've worked the cash registers (both sides), I've worked the merchandising side, and the production side. (I soon hope to understand the design side)....just in case you questioned my personal understanding of fashion.
So what first made me want to get involved in fashion was not my Mom, but illustration. Maybe it has something to do with my lack of abilities in drawing the human body or the way you can make the body any way you want. You can make this person you create to look and wear whatever you want and not worry about the background or face. you just need to get the basic form down.
Am i the only one drawn to these? I love the sleek and clean lines of the figures and clothing. I never really see a lot of emphasis on fashion illustration in blogs so I thought I would just make a post to remind everyone that it does exist and can be as beautiful as fashion photography. Do you agree???

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  1. Girl, you are not the only one! I feel the same way! I love fashion and fashion loves me! I have a great on on trends, accessories, and know how to get "The Look". I don't draw like you, but I plan on studying and teaching myself this business and getting started in the next few months. I just gotta teach myself, maybe you can help a little? =) I want to be the next Fashionista/Stylist.
    My feelings are the same just like yours! Fashion has a sense of calm in it. Don't you think?


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