29 April 2016

Old Kate Spade Ads

Let's take a moment to recall some of my most favorite old Kate Spade ads. I mean, could these images be more me? Here's to hoping there will be more like this in our future (looking at you, Frances Valentine).

If only I was half as chic as some of these models. Happy Friday!

ARS xx

27 April 2016

Canvas by Lands' End

I've always been a Lands' End girl. Their classic look is just as iconic as J.Crew and LL Bean (in my very humble opinion). Imagine my excitement when I saw their latest collection - Canvas by Lands' End. Everything here looks like it was made for me...and my growing summer wishlist.

Don't mind me while I order a few things, they are all simply too chic to resist.

ARS xx


25 April 2016

The Green Vase

Living in the city certainly has it's perks, but something I miss about country living are all of the plants and gardens surrounding my house. I love my parent's summer tradition of walking through the gardens to make future plans and note blooms in progress nightly, with a glass of wine in hand (bottle waiting on the table). Needless to say, bodega bouquets won't cut it (pun intended) and a weekly flower habit is not in the cards (even living near the flower district). A solution was spotted during a recent trip to John Derian, paper flowers by The Green Vase.

These are chic, non-green thumb required options, right?

ARS xx


22 April 2016

Artist Spotlight: Bradley Wood

A year ago my good friend Cait and I went to the Affordable Art Fair in NY and we were especially drawn to the works of painter Bradley Wood. His large scale portraits are unbelievable in person and my first thought (aside from my admiration of talent) was that "if Cait were to have a portrait done professionally, it should be by him". He's an artist I have an eye one and hope to one day own a painting (or two).

When the day finally comes where I'm able to buy, something  I'm going to have a hard time choosing just one!

ARS xx

20 April 2016

Inspiration: Living Rooms + Libraries

As someone who was shopping for her first apartment her freshman year of college, I think it's safe to say I like to plan ahead. I can't wait until the day I'm able to buy my own place, in the meantime pinning to my pinterest account will do.

ARS xx


18 April 2016

MDS Stripes

With spring and summer right around the corner, wardrobe updates have been on my mind. It's no secret that stripes are a major staple in my wardrobe and I'm always looking to add some more. Imagine my excitement the first time I got a glimpse of the MDS Stripes look book! I knew I had to keep my eye out for this new designer and hopefully soon I'll be able to invest in a dress and/or skirt (or 3).

I keep dreaming of all the events I could wear something from this collection to.

ARS xx

15 April 2016

Simone LeBlanc for Gifting

As the years have gone on, more and more of my friends haves moved out of the city and have gone all over the map. While this is great for them (and my couch surfing tendencies) I miss everyone and I've had a hard time adjusting. Every so often, when the occasion calls for it, I like to send a small care package or birthday gift. Usually I'll send flowers, but recently Simone LeBlanc's gift boxes came on my radar and I've been into them ever since. I love how there are gifts for almost every occasion from a wedding to a new baby and a simple just think of you option.

Now, if only someone would send me one! 

ARS xx 

13 April 2016

Inspiration: Apartment Updates

Having lived in my apartment for 3 years now (whoa, serious commitment for a NYer!) I think I'm due for some much needed updates. My room got a slight makeover when I bought new Matouk bedding (bought on sale and I'm still obsessed!) but I need to make a few upgrades and updates all around to get the apartment feeling fresh again. Here are a few inspiration images I have pulled:

Can you tell I'm on a blue + white + green kick?

ARS xx

11 April 2016

Industry Standard Jeans

I love a good pair of jeans and Industry Standard delivers that and more. From the first time I emailed them (asking for fit advice) to the moment I opened up my package (that was perfectly wrapped), I could not stop obsessing over how nice and warm the customer experience is. As a bonus to a great fit and amazing customer service experience, they won't break the bank and are made in the US.

ARS xx

08 April 2016

Towerhouse: How I Chose My Magazine's Name

Now that I've finally told you about towerhouse, (don't forget to subscribe) I feel like there are a million experiences I can share with you. First up? The hardest part - picking a name. When I first came up with the magazine idea, I figured it would a long road with lots of obstacles to overcome. I didn't think the hardest part would be picking the name!

I found there were SO many things I could draw inspiration from, I was a bit overwhelmed. To help, I made an excel sheet and each column was dedicated to lists of things I loved, my favorite words, things that reminded me of home, personal interests, inspirational book characters, and the list of lists goes on and on and on. I ended up going with the most personal of names - the name of my house! I grew up in a watertower that was built in the 1920s, and was converted into a home in the 1950s. The history is rich with inspiration and character, so I knew I found the perfect name to convey the classic with a twist spirt I'm known for and hope to translate into towerhouse.

I felt like I needed a tagline and felt like "add sparkle to your life" was the perfect nod to my blog, sparkles of life, that inspired the whole idea of creating a magazine.

I love it when things are right under your nose, even if it takes the backwards way to find it.

ARS xx


06 April 2016

Fashion Dupes

Do you spend a ton of time making an "if only" pinboard of clothes you wish you could have but can't exactly afford? You're in good company over here. As a girl with champagne tastes on a beer budget, I'm constantly searching for less expensive versions of the things I want (or waiting for a sale to come along). Oftentimes, it's a season or two later that something will come out, but once I find it nothing feels better. If beauty can have dupes, so can fashion. Right? Right. So here are a few things I've found that I really want now that my shopping ban is over:

Banana Republic Bag vs. Emilio Pucci Bag:
While browsing in the Pucci store I saw these gorgeous bags and knew I wanted one. I mean, the fringe! the suede! the colors! I just loved everything about it. I definitely didn't have the money to spend, so I held off and low and behold this season Banana Republic has come out with a line of bags with a similar and a lot more practical (sorry, fringe, but something had to give) style.

J. Crew Dress vs. Valentino Coat:
When I saw the image of Alexa Chung in this jacket, I was drawn to so many things - the bows, the black color, and a short hemline being the main attractions. If I'm being honest, my heart almost stopped when I saw the whole glorious Valentino collection, like it does every fashion week. While I definitely won't be getting the swingy jacket Valentino served up all of those seasons ago, I will be getting an adorable and much more practical dress.

Alice and Oliva Top + Skirt Combo vs. Valentino Dress
When I saw Valentino's F/W 2015 RTW collection go down the runway, my jaw dropped. Look after look after look could not have been more breathtaking. While I obviously wanted to fill my closet with everything it just wasn't feasible (an ongoing theme of this post). I almost did a little dance at my desk when  I saw this Alice and Olivia top and skirt come up on my screen. Although this is not quite as similar to the dress, it still has a strong dreamy and romantic look about it, which is really what I love so much.

This post should serve as a reminder that good things come to those who wait and those who take the time to do their due diligence.

ARS xx

S U B S C R I B E 

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