30 November 2010

iphone apps

i've had an iphone for a couple of years now and i must say that while it has it's downfalls (mainly the spell correction on the keyboard) i love it. mainly i love my applications and i don't know what i would do without them! the ones that i use everyday are:

1. words with friends (add me: bepink10)
2. elle horoscopes (not that i believe in them but i just feel more prepared for the day after i read it for some reason)
3. weightman (how else can i see how much progress i have made weight-wise)

and some that i have for fun are

1. ochocino (i have both...the one where you basically stalk him and his game)
2. blackbook guides (helpful for all cities)
3. drudgereport (a girl must have all news at her fingertips)
4. bejeweled (my whole family is addicted)

any recommendations for some others?

29 November 2010

how to become a star style blogger

found this tidbit on refinery29...i think it's funny!
(especially after you see all those hipster tumblrs)

*sorry the pictures are coming out so small! please click on the link to see it large!

28 November 2010


As you all know I'm doing my cleanse starting on Tuesday and I have to prepare my body for it. So I'm existing on fruits, vegetables, water and tea. Needless to say I'm constantly craving my diet staples (which is mainly cookies, cake, ice cream, and candy).

I'll let you know if all this is worth it!

27 November 2010

a toast

AEB over at mermaid in madras (if you don't read her blog you should start, she is one of the most stylish people i know) shared with me a toast she found while reading harpers. i thought i'd share it with you guys!

A toast....
To nearest
To dearest
To the crew
To cahots
To the ones who've been there
To the ones who'll be there
To dropping everything
To saying anything
To no judgments
To no doubts
To loyalty
To trust
To favors
To lifelongs
To been too long
To nothings changed
To having history
To having your back
To moving away
To never too far
To growing up
To settling down
To your second family
To your friends

25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyone!

thank you for taking the time and stopping by my blog and following!

21 November 2010

paris vs new york

lila introduced me to the paris vs new york blog about amonth ago and i'm so excited that 6 are now available to buy as prints! while there are a couple that i want, the macaron/cupcake l'obsession is the one i think i'm going to put on my list!
(but obviously i would take any of them)

19 November 2010


there are many wonderful things...but one of the things i believe takes the cake (or should i say cookie) is tate's chipless wonder cookies. i could eat them all day! sometimes a girl just wants the chocolate chip cookie without the chips...is that so much to ask? absolutely not and tate's caters to this hunger! i mean i'm really not a cookie fanatic, but i can guarantee that i will eat all cookies by tate's!

(other popular choices include, but are not limited to, chocolate chip, whole wheat dark chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate walnut)

and as a bonus you can get a tiny taste of the hamptons!

18 November 2010

fun fact

sea otters sleep holding hands (forming a loose knit raft thing) so they don't drift away from eachother...so cute!

17 November 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker

So I'm addicted to millionaire matchmaker on Bravo. I usually don't watch tv (I'm more of a book person in case you couldn't tell) but for some reason whenever I'm in a funk I get caught up in a really trashy tv series to make myself feel better. Well, this one is Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo tv. I can't really explain why, but it just appeals to me (probably all the trashy romance novels I read and potentially come to life)

anyways, i was watching an episode where one of the more umm...difficult... millionaires was being criticized. if you watch the show you know the guy i'm talking about but, because you probably haven't seen the episode, it was some gay man who took his date shopping and proceeded to tell his date over champagne in the store that he hated all people and preferred to spend the weekends in his apt by himself, i personally thought he was hilarious and yes, he may have a few problems but i mean come on. clearly he is a sarcastic gay man who needs to find someone with the same sense of humor he has.

(or maybe the fact that i joke around that i hate most people is the reason i am still single...)

the importance of writing

a little while ago i talked about letters and how no one ever sends them anymore. well, i was looking through TEDwomen and saw this video and thought i would share with everyone...

16 November 2010

holiday season

now that the holiday season is upon us i have been recieving many invitations for parties...obviously i can't wait for them but i'm rather worried about putting on back the hard earned weight i lost this summer. in preparation i think that i am going to do a series of three 3 day juice cleanses. (i'm doing the blueprint cleanse, obviously)

for some inspiration i ordered the book 3 day cleanse and already have 2 cleanses scheduled for delivery...one after thanksgiving and one right after new years to start the year right! of course i'll be sure to work out and eat healthy too!

11 November 2010

happy veteran's day!

thank you to all the heros out there who fought for us and continue to fight for us and for all the sacrifices you have made.

10 November 2010

note to self: see these movies

i get the feeling i'm going to have to watch the majority of these alone...i'm the only one who thinks the movies that get the worst ratings are the best!

a hidden gem

as a native new yorker i thought that i knew everything about new york. imagine my surprise that as i was reading the yahoo news articles this one came up about a forgotten subway stop that is incredibly beautiful!

the way to get here is to take the 6 train and instead of getting off at the brooklyn bridge stop (which is the end of the line) stay on to see the city hall stop as the train makes it's turnaround. it looks like it is worth the extra time to me!

i think it is so pretty and a little bit romantic that it hasn't been seen in such a long time

09 November 2010

letter writing

"what a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. you can't reread a phone call."

liz carpenter

ever since i was a little girl nothing was more exciting then getting a letter in the mail. first it was those silly chain letters, which gradually moved on to correspondence with a friend who moved away, and then you move away or go to college and you eagerly anticipate that letter in the mail with some gossip or a brief update on a friend's life. more often then not, i knew the on dits already but it was still exciting to get that letter that was meant for your eyes only. sidenote: i really want to get a love letter in the mail like the olden days!

now i never get any letters, only cards from my grandmother, which is basically what i look forward to nowadays. i think i am going to have to start searching for a pen pal, if only to keep my handwriting somewhat legible (and for there to be some record of my life).

does anyone still write letters anymore or are emails the only way to correspond?

08 November 2010

paddington bear

one of my favorite bears has grown to be 5 ft tall as noted in the saks holiday catalogue! i also want to point out that alex was going to be paddington for halloween, complete with the legendary "please look after this bear. thank you." tag...

such a trendsetter!

03 November 2010

early weekend

lucky me, i get to celebrate the weekend starting tomorrow! i'll be visiting caroline (my sister) because it's parents weekend!

so i'll be enjoying the 8 hour car ride down south with henry...i'm not letting him play video games so he might have a meltdown mwahahaha

for an update: i had so much fun last night with my 2 cousins (met some fun people), crossed an item off my bucket list, and the heat in finally working so there is some motivation to shower.

01 November 2010

everyone is talking about...

this new york times article! ok not really everyone, just my family and friends. in case you didn't read my "about me" section i rarely shower...and when i say rarely i mean about 3-4 times a week not every single day. i mean in my defense i would probably shower more if

1. i had a shower curtain
2. i had a bath mat
3. the heat worked in my house

anyways, i could not help but laugh when i saw this article and got numerous messages and phone calls asking if i saw it!

so see everyone, i'm not the only one!* (please note: i do use deodorant and brush my teeth ect... i'm not like the people who don't do anything. i'm a clean person i swear!) my hairdresser always comments on my healthy hair and i think it's because of not using shampoo every single day. thank you bumble and bumble for the dry shampoo!!! it's a lifesaver...

*i'm not mentioning my friends (yes, i do know other people who are like me and invest in dry shampoo) who i know don't shower so they don't get mad...but i have a few!

the list

as you have heard numerous times, i still don't have a job, which leaves me with almost no money but a lot of time to window shop (such a tease!!). anyways, because of this strange place i am in, i have been compiling my Christmas list already (don't worry people i won't send it out until the socially acceptable date of november 25...thanksgiving)

so far it includes:

1. season 2 - 4 of madmen
2. kate spade/strand collaboration books
3. the new barbie assouline book
4. kate spade inserts for my calender


with more to come!

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