29 June 2016

New Designer: La Ligne

I don't think anyone will be shocked when I say stripes are a wardrobe staple of mine. Having grown up in sailor suits, I embraced the nautical theme my mom forced on me and ran with it. (Note: I still hate sailor suits in any form...unless it's on an actual sailor). Needless to say, I lovelovelove the line that launched earlier this year by two former Vogue Editors called Le Ligne. I bought the striped mock neck sweater and it's just perfect with a black mini skirt for cool summer nights. One of my favorite parts of the company are the witty references to "lines" all over the website. Below are a few of my favorite looks from the collection.

Now be sure to rock some stripes for the 4th of July!

ARS xx


27 June 2016

Bill Cunningham

Over the weekend I was saddened to hear about the passing of Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times fashion photographer known for his eye for street style. He was someone who always inspired me in many different ways through both his photographs and work ethic. I even loved that he was a milliner. Whenever I spotted him on the street I always second guessed myself because he typically blended in and looked so normal - "how can someone so iconic be so unassuming?" is what I always thought to myself. I can go on and on about him as a person and his work life, but I don't believe I can do him the justice he deserves, so I'll let his writing and photography speak for themselves.

Just one last thing - you can't see in the above pictures, but if you look through pictures of him while working he always has huge smile. Seeing that makes me smile!

ARS xx


24 June 2016

Turning 28

Now that my birthday week is winding down, I'm thinking how this week was absolutely perfect and just what I needed. While I was initially down about my birthday and turning 28 (thank you, Cait, for listening to me vent) - from starting off the week with a dinner with college friends, to getting a massage on my actual birthday, and ending the celebrations with a dinner with my family and high school friends at Freemans - I couldn't have asked for a better time. Now that I am officially 28, here are a few images I'll be adding too my vision board I have yet to hang in my room.

Happy Weekend!
ARS xx


23 June 2016

National Pink Day + Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me!

I know I usually post on a Wednesday, but I wanted to take a break from everything on my birthday - including blogging. Despite it's rocky start (thanks for the 7am wake up call, Mom) it only took a turn for the better, ending with a nighttime massage at the Guerlain Spa. Part of the excitement was learning that today, June 23rd, is national pink day. As pink is my signature color, I knew I needed to do a roundup of some awesome pink inspiration for you. 

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4d5d794c67eb5b1255a049660e0a2b33.jpg (281×310)

0130d040ccb0d9c51fc941d2344774af.jpg (564×769)

Be Pink. Stay Pink.

ARS xx


20 June 2016

Happy First Day of Summer + Happy Birthday Week to Me!

It's no secret that I loooooove birthdays, probably more than the average person and it's also a known fact that summer is - by far - my absolute favorite season. I figured I'd kick of my birthday week with a roundup of images that have been inspiring my summer style, travels, and decor.

Happy Monday!

ARS xx


17 June 2016

Summer Wishlist

Well, my budget idea of buying only 3 things for Spring quickly went out the window, but I'm determined to hold out for the Summer. (I mean honestly, who could have predicted my all of my favorite closet staples would be in style? A girl needs to stock up while she can!) That being said, here is my wishlist for this Summer:

1. Striped J.Crew Dress: While there are a million dresses I am dying for, (hello, green Club Monaco lace dress) I really do mainly go for stripes and this seems like the perfect dress for a chilly Summer night out in the city.

2. Frame Le High Crop Jeans: I am always on the hunt for a new pair of cropped jeans, especially now that my old jeans are so worn in they can't be re-patched (for the 3rd time). These jeans just may do the trick! As an alternative, I have my eye on the standard Levi's 501 Jeans.

3. Mirror with Duck Feet: Having grown up on a street named after a duck, I can't help but have a soft spot for anything resembling a certain animal that quacks. This mirror is a great way for me to bring a little bit of home back to my apartment.

My list of wants could go on and on, but I'll spread them out a bit more! Note: I made a bet with my roommate that I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes until August so do not expect any shoes on my list. I'm not even looking at them! #ShoeAddictsUnite

ARS xx


13 June 2016

Instagram Gold: @jooleeloren

Scrolling through my suggested posts on instagram is a bit of a child card for me. It's usually a mix of memes, weddings, and party pictures of people I don't know, but every once in awhile a gem comes up. For me, it was a @jooleeloren post that first caught my attention. After looking through eh first 3 of her posts I knew for once instagram got it right and I actually did like  a post. Thank you, to whichever friend discovered her first and get her onto my feed.

Hope you get a good laugh from these too!

ARS xx

10 June 2016

Kate Moss x Equipment

I love Equipment and I love Kate Moss's style equally, so when I read about their collaboration that launched yesterday all I could think was "this makes sense, why didn't it happen sooner?". I personally love the stars and the leopard print, but definitely have my eye on the blazer. Be sure to check out the full collection on net-a-porter here.


ARS xx


08 June 2016

Villa Valguarnera in Sicily

I can't recall exactly what led me to this article, but I ended up obsessively reading about the Villa and imagining living in a place as beautiful as this one. I can't get over the perfect mix of modern meets new and how much detail and thought went into each and every room. I seriously wish I could move in today (or I'll take tomorrow!).

La Villa Valguarnera en Sicile Dans la salle à manger aux fresques élégantes, Marco Kinloch Herbertson, designer textile, a repris le motif du sol pour les rideaux et la nappe sur laquelle sont disposées les assiettes vertes de Caltagirone, dont le service d’origine a été récemment complété. Les chaises Thonet sont recouvertes d’échantillons de damas vénitiens et la maquette d’architecture en bois laqué blanc date du XVIIIe. En fond, une tenture murale en soie dessinée par Marco Kinloch Herbertson.

La Villa Valguarnera en Sicile Le boudoir est recouvert d’une soie murale dessinée, d’après un motif ancien, par Marco Kinloch Herbertson, qui y a ajouté des hirondelles. Meubles asiatiques rapportés de voyage, fauteuils capitonnés en velours 1900, et bibliothèques modernes complètent cette petite pièce.

La Villa Valguarnera en Sicile Du grand salon, on pénètre dans la cuisine, pièce à vivre de la famille. Posé au sol, un panier de paille des années 1920 trouvé au grenier sert de porte-légumes et fruits. En fond, un détail d’une fresque d’origine qui entourait le portrait de Marianna Valguarnera, aïeule de l’actuelle princesse.

La Villa Valguarnera en Sicile Le grand salon, qui a été créé à la fin du XVIIIe

La Villa Valguarnera en Sicile Le salon d’Algarotti, du nom du philosophe vénitien du XVIIIe

Honey, I'm home!

ARS xx

S U B S C R I B E 

06 June 2016

The Christie's Joan Rivers Auction

One of the many benefits of working in the art world is knowing almost every single important, silly, and/or unbelievably stunning sale that takes place. One auction I'm very excited to see is the  The Private Collection of Joan Rivers, being held at Christie's in New York. Known for her larger than life personality and fashion sense, it doesn't come as a shock that everything in the preview is chic chic chic. Even less surprising is that a portion of the proceeds will go to God's Love We Deliver and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Some highlights I saw while scrolling through the online preview are a Tiffany dog bowl, a lily of the valley study by Faberge, and three chairs that were for her dogs to sit on.

This might be the birthday activity I've been waiting for. Does anyone else want to go to at least the preview?

ARS xx


01 June 2016

Ten Etsy Shops to Check Out in June

I'm an etsy fiend. You can find pretty much anything you want here - caftan sewing pattern, check; custom pet portrait, easy; logo for your new blog, done. Here are a few shops that have caught my eye over the years, that I have ordered from or have wanted to, and plan on in the near future.

1. Jolly Edition - Not only do they have stunning (and quirky) wedding stationary, they helped me create my towerhouse brand and created some illustrations for the website. Pictured above is one of my favorite custom wedding designs they did.

2. KSTYLEDESIGN - While I personally haven't ordered from here yet, I can imagine multiple perfect occasions to order a set of these linen napkins as a gift.

3. LauraRowStudio - Another artist I've worked with in the past for towerhouse, I adore all of her works. (don't forget to subscribe so you will be the first to see the custom creation she painted for me!)

4. kimeradesign - This dressmaker has stunning pieces (she made the skirt for my best friend's engagement shoot) and is local, so you can swing by the store. I can't wait buy something for myself!

5. HerbivoreBotanicals - Seen everywhere now, this natural beauty + skincare line has been on my radar for quite some time and once I finish up all of my current beauty products you cab be assured I'll be ordering from here.

6. Suite - Another fashion design I have on my radar, Suite has definitely a fun and whimsical aesthetic, but still manages to remain classic and timeless.

7. jillrosenwald - I've been coveting one of her ceramics for quite some time. I think I should just take the plunge and finally order a vase, but I still can't decide on a color.

8. ElizabethMayville - Can you tell I'm an art addict? I just purchased a still life that I can't wait to have frame and find a place for in my apartment.

9.  clapclapdesign - As a stationary lover, I had to add Clap Clap to the list. How adorable are all of these notecards? All of my friends can expect one in the mail.

10. MineralandMatter - I can't really explain why, but I'm drawn to the arrows seen at this shop. I feel like they would be really cute all lined horizontally on a small wall. Not my usual style, but I still like it.

Any shops on your list I should check out?

ARS xx

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