28 October 2012


After a fun Saturday night, I packed my room and am now with the family out on LI. While I wasn't under a "mandatory" evacuation I decided if I'm going to be stuck, I don't want to walk up and down the stairs a million times and my mom def has more food than me.

Stay safe during the storm everyone! 

26 October 2012

Inspiration Nation: Halloween

When I think of Halloween I think of CMJR, skulls, pumpkins, candy, and costumes. This year I plan on being a "sleeping person" and while I have many sources of inpiration, I narrowed it down to a few here. In case you didn't realize, I'm not one for dressing in provacative cosutmes - I prefer fun!




23 October 2012

NY Moment: Visting the Flower District

Between the towering topiaries and exotic plants and leaves it's easy to get lost in this concrete jungle! I love walking around in the morning when people are running around setting up shop or buying the best flowers.

19 October 2012

Inspiration Nation: Party Planning

Recently I've been in the mood to host different theme parties. I would love to "Throw a Snow Ball" in January (or February),  a "Politics and Patron" party on Election Night, and an old fave that might (never) happen - "Hot Hacienda". While these parties may not happen (my Snow Ball has been in the works for a year), it's still fun to look at inpiration! 

Looks like I'll belanning for a Spring/Summer party...

18 October 2012

Shanghai Recap

"Vacation is a must! Even if it's a 5 minute daydream."

I've been back from Shanghai for a week and a half, but have been so jet lagged and entertaining people that this is the first moment I've had to update everyone. I had SO much fun in Shanghai visiting my cousin! We did so many fun things like:

Biking around all day
(25 miles...yes, I did almost die)

Adventurous eating
(Some of my favotire food in China was eaten here)



Dinner on the Bund

Tea time
(all the time)

Tourist Day in People's Square

17 October 2012

NY Moment: Samples Sales

It's sample sale season again ladies (and gentlemen). They come and go, and unfortunately don't last forever! Whenever I walk home from work I always like to pass by a few of my favorite sample sale spots. I'm also subscribed to multiple sample sale email lists to know when the best ones are happening - like any other good NY girl.

16 October 2012

Fall Checklist

Life Starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Anyone who knows me, knows I have my "brain book" on me at all times. I am constantly scribbling my To Do lists and Notes To Self in it. I often find myself making lists of things I want to do but never actually do it. Well, I finally took matters into my own hand and am seizing the Fall and checking off a bunch of things on my list. (Which is the main reason this blog has fallen of the face of the Earth!)

Already done:
 Harriman Cup to celebrate SLL's Birthday
Chicago  to visit CJB 
Shanghai adventures with DOM
GCM's Fall Visit

Currently Waiting On:
My Fall class to start

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