28 June 2013

July Reminder!

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Party Planning: Summer Rooftop Cocktails

So I'll be in NY this weekend babysitting Milo (you can get some fab #milomoments by following me on instagram @bepink) and don't want to stray too far away from the apartment. Luckily, I have a gorgeous rooftop to host a few friends for some delish cocktails and a fab view. 

I wish I had enough time to get these custom cups on Etsy, but def not enough time to plan. 

Because I'm not allowed to have glass on the rooftop, these stirrers will spice up the bland plastic cups.

How yummy does this popcorn look? Everyone loves popcorn, especially with a pop of color!

I also would want to have fun little goody bags to send off all the guests with.  

Just in case you were wondering, these pink champagne pops would totes be included in the goody bags! 

27 June 2013

Mini Muse: Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda has been one of my style inspirations from the start. How can you not love her sassy, fun, and colorful look?

26 June 2013

Nike X Liberty

In case you didn't know, I'm obsessed with Liberty of London prints. Like Lilly, Liberty has been a constant in my life pretty much since birth. Needless to say, the NIKEiD Liberty Collection made me pause. 

Maybe I'll be more inclined to go to the gym if I have these!

24 June 2013

Breakfast Epiphanies

Glad to know I'm not the only one sick of these personal style blogs!

7 things I should totally start doing...starting with cooking.

Didn't realize I was a perfectionist?

This is just a heartwarming and sweet read.

Business Virtues from a 19th Century Self-Made Millionaire.

UMM this is actually amazing...and a life changer for gmail users! 

21 June 2013

Party Planning: My Birthday

I took a page out of Grace Kelly's book and planned my birthday around my sign - which is Cancer. Obviously I had to come up with a wittier (and more uplifting) theme so my coworker suggested "Crab Shack". Here are a few glimpses of where I got my inspiration from:

Every party needs a fun invitation - mine happened to say "Pinch me, I'm 25!". 

Because my birthday is going to be in the country this year, there is room for a table. Clearly I needed to set up a fab tablescape. 

These striped ribboned straws are pretty amazing and going to look perfect with the signature drink, dark and stormys. 

Clearly pirates are going to be incorporated somehow.

Pink balloons and boxwood will add a bit of whimsey to the mix. 

Attire: Nautical but nice! 

I think it pretty much goes without saying that the food will be crabs + bbq food. 

Happy 25th Birthday to me!

20 June 2013

Inspiration Nation: My Summer

Here are just a couple pictures that are inspiring me to celebrate Summer to the fullest:

Love beach days, especially when lounging on comfy pillows surrounded by greens.

How fun is this hair? I love being able to wear my scarves all year round. 

Now that Summer is here I try to almost always have flowers in my apartment. 

If only I could have stairs like this around - noted for my future home that I want something like this!

My Summer mantra.

19 June 2013

WANDERLUST: Marfa, Texas

Art + the desert? I don't know about you, but I'm down. The fashionista in me really wants to see the Marfa, Texas Prada installation. I also would love to post a stakeout to (maybe) see the Marfa Lights and enjoy some good spa time! This guide is pretty amazing if you want to go. 

18 June 2013

How To: Avoid Sunburn Discomfort

I used to not burn. Ever. But after an epic sunburn on Spring break I now get sunburned after the first day out in the sun. After that one time I did some (serious) research and have my yearly routine down pat. 

First things first, preventative measures are always a good idea - hello sunscreen

After my sun poisoning experience, I was introduced to Clinque's After Sun Rescue Balm, which has now become a staple in my Summer bag of tricks. I slather this on when I get out of the sun and before going to bed along with extra aloe

I like to drink lots of cold water, to cool me down and prepare my green tea bath. I prepare it ahead of time, so there is enough time to let the water cool down to a lower temp so I don't really overheat.

17 June 2013

Yum Board Sampling

Cleansing the other week had me obsessing over ways I can revamp my diet to be a bit healthier. In case you don't follow my YUM board on Pinterest, you should because that's how you know I'm cleansing. Now that it's Summer I can eat all the fresh fruit and veggies I want. Here are some of my faves:

Leave it to Martha to come up with a million amazing watermelon salads. 

How amazing and yummy do these look?! They would be great for an afternoon snack/gossip sesh. 

A girl can't just live off fruit, so this veggie salad is perfect and looks TDF! 
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