30 April 2010

final week preparation

as i'm sure everyone has figured, i've been really stressed with the amount of work i have to do. as of today i am almost done with 1 class (i just have the final left). i now have a spot in the library with all of my things spread around! i hope everyone has a fabulous friday!

today's goal is for me to do:

1. 8 reaction papers
2. a 3-4 page research paper
3. a reaction paper on my toronto trip
4. my fashion in paris research paper!

wish me luck!

28 April 2010

craving: color

now that spring has officially arrived (for the most part there is no more snow in the forecast, not including yesterday!) i am craving color. all winter i am in mourning, wearing almost all black day in and day out. as soon as spring comes along you can be sure that i will be seen in color almost everyday nonstop celebrating my favorite seasons!

(summer and spring obviously)

i really want a dress like this!

"i cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. i rejoice with the brilliant one's and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

27 April 2010

prohibition and the speakeasy

today i went to nymag to read the fashion section but instead read an interesting article on prohibition and speakeasys and how these effected nightlife today. i found it to be really interesting because i never really thought about how night life was shaped in ny. it's interesting to think that prohibition and speakeasys were the reasons that:

1. you go to bars and flirt
2. you go out to be entertained
3. but you also party at home
4. you order brand name liquor
5. the best bars are kept secret

just a few fun facts for today!

22 April 2010


i feel like this sounds extremely familiar to all, but once again i would like to apologize for the lack of recent posts! i've been frantically preparing for omy class trip to toronto for 3 days!

i'll be sure to come back with lots of new updates and findings!

14 April 2010

happy birthday!

i would like to wish one of my best friends BRF (brittney) happy 22nd birthday! i love you britt...you are the best and most loyal friend a girl could have!

in case you don't know her she is a fabulous friend who is always there when you need help and is always there to pick you up when you need it! (she is even sharing birthday celebrations with me by having a hot hacienda party...a theme that no one else wants to have!!)

13 April 2010

happy book part ???

this week i am going to do another part of my happy book! it's such a cheerful day (if a little bit chilly) so why not take a little bit of time and do a task??

who are your favorite people in the world? list them here:
1. my mom dad sister and brother
2. grandma and nanny
3. all my aunts uncles and cousins
4. my best friends at school
5. my best friends from home
6. all trideltas!

"i have learned that to be with those i like is enough."
walt whitman

12 April 2010

Final Weeks

It is becoming very apparent that school is winding down...all the work I have been avoiding all semester is now catching up with me. I just looked at my calender for the first time and I just about fell off the chair from all the things I have going on.

The first thing i need to finish is my art project. I just want to be over and done with it so I can move onto the next. I'm doing a Marie Antoinette inspired series and have been collecting images from a bunch of different places.

I recently discovered bing and am obsessed with it now for image searches! There were so many different things that inspired me that would have been like on page 50 of a google image search!

05 April 2010


Yesterday Grace and I were talking about Paris and how much we missed it! SO in honor of my TSM's birthday this post is for her! (TSM: Telephone Soulmate)

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast.
Ernest Hemmingway

Paris is known as the ‘City of Lights’… a city of culture… of fine dining and magnificent architecture. Paris is a city for lovers: lovers of art, lovers of history, lovers of food, lovers of… love.

Happy Birthday Grace!! LOVE YOU

04 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! This will be my 3rd Easter at school...it's a hard holiday to miss because of all the family traditions and memories that come with the holiday. we always have an egg hunt (where all being competitive and having a survival of the fittest mentality are key to winning) and a fun lunch/dinner with the whole family. a throwback image from when i was 5 or 6 (around that age) is featured above! as everyone can see it's a free for all!

today, the priest switched it up and included an Easter play put on by the sunday school kids at Grace Church. let me tell you...it was so cute! the angels and the eggs were my fav (younger kids are so much fun!).

well anyways, i hope everyone has a Happy Easter whether it be at home or school!
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