31 December 2010

The End of 2010

While 2010 was significantly better then 2009, I hate to say that it will have a rather lackluster end...

Thank goodness I didn't make any plans because I've been sick in bed all day with a fever! I hope everyone else has a fabulous night for me!


(Don't feel too bad for me though because my elle weekend update said I shouldn't do anything crazy anyway, and that if I did go out, something bad might happen! Check to see what yours says!)

30 December 2010


although i have never really had a bad experience new years (aside from that concussion in aspen 4 years ago...) it is one of my least favorite night of the year. i can't really tell you why, because i even look fondly back on my concussion...kind of strange, i know but whatever.

that being said...i still have yet to decide what i'm going to do to celebrate. maybe a relaxing night in watching my fav movies?

29 December 2010

Mini Muse: Halston

To me, this bon vivant was the epitome of Studio 54 and 70's glamour. His style was minimalist, alluring and fun at the same time...something I think the Halston Heritage line translates beautifully. You can be sure that I own a few of these foxy dresses (and maybe a few vintage from my moms studio days..)

28 December 2010

Jonathan Adler

I have always been a big jonathan adler fan, not just because of his outlook on life (please look at his manifesto on the website as a reference), but because he has such a bright and happy style that I adore! (He also did a collaboration with Barbie for the 50th anniversary celebration...another reason to love him!)

27 December 2010

numero magazine

one of the reasons i keep blogging about all of these french magazines i guess is because i found my hidden stash and am reliving them. one of my favorite spreads is couture by night (photographed by karl largerfeld and starring natasha poly and baptiste giabiconi)

it's full of glam shots...made me fall in love with batiste again!

26 December 2010

post-Christmas snow day

well, i hope that Santa treated everyone just as well as he treated me! apologies for not wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in time, but i'm sure everyone understands (i mean it is family time you know)...

it was kind of hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit because for the past 4 years i was usually snowed in and surrounded in winter wonderlands and at home there is almost never any snow. but i can't reall complain because we are supposed to be getting a blizzard today into tomorrow! while my cousins are skiing in aspen i'll be enjoying our fresh powder by snow shoeing and cross country skiing!

so on that note, happy snowday everyone!

23 December 2010

crunch time

as usual my life has been put on hold for the past 10 days in order to prepare for Christmas. i hope that everyone has not had the hectic lifestyle i experience every year! between baking, shopping, and decorating i'm amazed i have been able to get anything else done.

i also hope all of the bah-humbugs (and grinches) get into the Christmas spirit immediately...now please excuse me while i search to get the perfect presents for the boys in the family!

any ideas?!

22 December 2010

carine roitfeld

for everyone who doesn't know, carine roitfeld (the vogue paris editor) has left vogue paris. i'm really i'm really sorry to see her go because i think she is infintly better then anna wintour and creates a much more beautiful magazine (not that i think anna does a horrble job, i just prefer carine roitfeld...this is just my opinion and as i always say "to each his own").

rumor has it that she is leaving due to ignoring LVMH's request to have a full issue takeover for december and instead decided to collaborate with tom ford (her longtime friend), but this is a rumor so who knows what is true!

21 December 2010

mini muse: steve mcqueen

ever since i was little my dad has been showing me the car chase scene from bullitt. if you have no idea what i'm talking about i think you should click on the link immediately and watch the car chase, that is if you don't want to watch the whole film, which i recommend. i've seen in a billion times and am just now slightly getting sick of watching it. (i feel like this is a dad thing...)

anyways, i have been looking for a new pair of sunglasses as i have lost my old pair and i was so excited to find out about the persol steve mcqueen sunglasses!! i showed them to my dad and now he is obsessed with them...something tells me we are going to end up with father/daughter sunglasses! (but i'm not complaining...steve mcqueen is one cool guy so anything associated with him is guaranteed to be awesome and cool, even if i have to share it with my dad)

13 December 2010


i slacked all last week about going to the gym soo i guess i have to work double as hard this week! ...if only i looked half as glam as marilyn does i might be more motivated to go...

12 December 2010

writer's blocks and internet outages

isn't it the worst when the internet goes out? i was secretly happy it went out today because it seems i have a little bit of writer's block!

but on a totally different note...we might be adopting an adorable little puppy! not a dalmatian, but i thought i would share this picture because it is so adorable!

10 December 2010

Weekend Update

I had a rough week this week...hopefully tonight's party will take my mind off things. have a happy weekend everyone!

(I could really go for anything that might be in those 2 bags! What about you?)

09 December 2010


i saw tangled yesterday with lexi and cait and loved it! i highly recommend seeing it with little girls because it's really cute!

08 December 2010

reflection on october to mid-december

now that i am not doing anything with my life (aside from the ever going job search, obviously), i find that things i used to do constantly i don't do anymore and things i never did i am doing all the time.

things i don't do anymore:
1. make to do lists
2. online shop
3. now that i think of it...shopping in general (aside from window shopping. yes, this is true people. i swear!!! and no, don't worry hell has not frozen over)

things i do all the time:
1. yoga/pilates
2. gossip with moms at the gym
3. weheartit (could probably go under the 3rd category now that i think of it)

things i do too much of:
1. reading
2. book shopping
3. watch madmen

(above is my new motto)

07 December 2010

sparkly shoes

i'm a big advocate of sparkles (not the ke$ha kind...don't worry!) so i knew i had to have these party shoes! this was a gift certificate that was put to perfect use this past weekend!

now i don't have to worry about having party shoes!

06 December 2010

successful weekend

got everything done i wanted to and saw everyone that i wanted to see in the city (except for 1, but we made plans for next weekend!).

(lila, samantha, me and christina at christina's housewarming/holiday party)

05 December 2010

Christmas Crafts

i love martha (no need to say last name...everyone knows her). needless to say i love doing crafts and this Christmas i am channeling my inner martha and making cute Christmas goodies and crafts to share at my annual party i host with cait!

here are some of my ideas (i'm just covering the food for now)!

1. chocolate pretzel rods

2. santa berries!

3. a gingerbread house (what is a Christmas party without a gingerbread house!?)

and as a bonus...an Advent Calender!

03 December 2010

The Cleanse: Final Result

Well I hate to admit defeat but I'm not going to lie to you guys...I failed miserably with the cleanse. Maybe it's that I'm not in the mood to try to cleanse my body right now but I couldn't get past day 1!

I worked out as usual Tuesday morning, went home and started with the green juice...I think that is what did me in because I could barely get it down. The best tasting juice was so-so and I ended up cheating and eating guac for dindin.

Wednesday I was ready to eat a yummy bowl of cereal when my dad told me that I had to see it through, so I tried to....until i walked past the restaurant in Saks and had to stop and sneak a salad with Cait. After I beat myself up about having the salad I swore I was going to do it right for the rest of the time. Well, a tree fell down because of the atrocious weather and we had to eat out, so I couldn't even get to my juice if I tried.

Thursday I completely gave up and had a fab lunch with my cousin Oliver...oops!

I guess I'll have to get ready to isolate myself from the world and solid food for the next one I'm doing. (in January?!)

If you are truly dedicated, I highly recommend it but I think that this is something that you really have to want to do and be dedicated. Moral support is helpful (my Mom tempted me nonstop) and I highly recommend watering the green juice down!

02 December 2010

santa baby

so i have a friend named katie (pictured below in the pink scarf) , who is a Christmas fanatic, and she has been sending me updates as to when santa arrives almost every month...

i just want to give a shout out to katie and to thank her for all the updates that keep me going! i better get my list ready to send out...

(in case you were wondering...22 days until santa is coming to town)

01 December 2010


I'm excited for December!!

I mean who doesn't love the Christmas carols, family time, parties, and presents that go on during this month?!
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