23 April 2009

New Means of Transportation

Due to the fact that I got another "memo" today, the above picture will probably be my new means of transportation. You might be asking what a memo is exactly. Well, I don't get tickets from police, I get "memos". Today's memo informed me on what the right speed limit is. I allegedly was going 64 in a 45 zone. I still argue that I was going 50. I mean it is basically an abandoned road and the speed limit used to be 55 anyways so I mean I don't see the big deal! For some reason the state trooper did not see eye to eye with me. Whatever.

So now due to the fact that I live in perpetual fear of getting pulled over and making the phone call to Daddy informing him of my latest infraction I will not be driving. I intend to get a bicycle. I heard going green was in anyways. Perhaps I will find a shiny new bike or I can totally revamp a vintage bike like Chanel did in 2008 (I think..I'm not 100% sure).

Vintage bicycles have so much potential and I feel like Katrina, one of my best friends, would totally give me bonus points for using a vintage bicycle! Snaps for me. Now that I think of it a bicycle would be the best thing for me...no risk of speeding, I can get into shape, no tickets for talking on the cell phone, can't do errands for people...don't have to pick up or drop off siblings. I'm not seeing anything negative here...I'm always late so that is not a worry for me! What do you all think of my new means of transportation? Maybe I'll hire Chanel to make me one...Pucci would be cute too!

Bye darlings


  1. I think it's a great idea, if i didn't live so far away from everyone i'd definitely do it.


  2. You're definitely gonna get a great workout! Work it! hehe! You'll end up saving a lot of money too...just think about it...car payments, insurance, gas...you'll be ok.

    I opened a new account, long story, so follow me on myofficialminerva.blogspot.com...that's my new page!

    See ya later


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