31 March 2017


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Celebrating Kjersti's birthday tomorrow night! Love celebrating old friends, making new friends, and keeping good company. I think birthdays are one of my favorite things to celebrate, especially when it's my turn!

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Wearing  my new MDS Stripes outfit around the apartment - can summer arrive now? My roommate thinks I'm insane.

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Reading all about Victoria Beckham for Target and the Christophe Robin popup store opening right near my office.

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Eating anything that is Low FODMAP diet approved. I was recently put on a diet by my doctors, as I've been having digestive issues, and let me just say this diet has been life changing, difficult (miss you, garlic!) but worth it. My stomach is flatter and I'm feeling better than I have been in quite some time.

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Planning a few upcoming trips with a few girl friends soon! We're thinking Napa, Charleston, or New Orlenas! Any recommendations or insights would be appreciated!

Have a good weekend!

S U B S C R I B E 

27 March 2017

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Normally I like to share transitional outfit inspirations around this time, but I'm fully in a spring state of mind and can't wait to wear bright colors, less layers, and fun prints. I'm making a concerted effort to bring color back into my wardrobe - mainly pinks, oranges, and blues - and to buy pieces from companies that are transparent and sustainable. (If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching the documentary The True Cost.) That being said, I preordered a few awesome pieces for spring and summer from Moda Operandi last fall and everything is just starting to come in (yes, all is ethically made). I'm going to have to hold myself back from wearing it all immediately! Below is a roundup of a few looks I love and can recreate without buying too much for spring. Summer will be a completely different ballgame!

1613f2510d8d6d4d90ac2827a44b8e57.jpg (362×487)

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2e139ffffbe8e939b909d5797a8cca03.jpg (564×845)

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Happy Monday! 


24 March 2017

Pretty Pins for Friday

TGIF! This week definitely had it's highs (attending the LOAH concert - more on that next week) and it had a few lows (doctor appts) but luckily for you and me it's over. This year more than ever I've been eager for spring to come, which makes these past few chilly days extra disappointing. To get me through these last few days of winter blues I'm rounding up a few of my current favorite blue pins on pinterest.

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e641d79996f91b749993748e6a2100e9.jpg (564×564)

86085622e1ffbe5358f10db9e93e9272.jpg (564×846)

2fc5efaea865c1f4ac327824eb2818d8.jpg (564×729)

Enjoy your weekend! 


22 March 2017

Rebecca de Ravenel F/W Collection

I fell in love with Rebecca de Ravenel's  Les Bonbons earrings last year - the cutest dangling ball earrings that you're probably seeing everywhere. I'm falling in love with this designer all over again, this time with her first foray into fashion, the Ming Shirt. The whole Fall collection, currently available on Moda Operandi for preorder, is a perfect mix of modern style that can be worn in what seems like an infinite amount of ways. From the bags, to the shirts, to those earrings I am thinking of all the ways to incorporate the look into my Fall wardrobe.

503e5f9b8d02b1550002f68577d055a7.jpg (564×902)

04e0ad12ce9ad91caebc98a3d39255aa.jpg (564×902)

d11fc66303c5d862fa4c6d08190a0668.jpg (564×902)

eb7215befc2a0ed7a39696ee4a2045b1.jpg (564×902)

31d69934d62c9c346ead409d2553d12d.jpg (564×902)

Also, those velvet pants are divine!

ARS xx

20 March 2017

Aquazzura X de Gournay

Like almost every one of my friends, I have a deep love for de Gournay. I dream of the day I can have a small room covered in the wallpaper or maybe just a panel or two framed. Recently, de Gournay has been on my radar for not just interior design dreams but for closet aspirations as well. I initially fell in love with the Moda Operandi X de Gournay robe and my jaw dropped when I saw pictures of their upcoming collaboration with Aquazzura on Matches Fashion (available in May) on instagram. From Arizona Muse's chic ensemble (I seriously am dying over her entire look - it's perfect) to the most adorable tablescape, the party looked like a total hit. I haven't stopped thinking of all the outfits I plan to wear with the sneak peeks I've seen of the shoes.

147aee55ecaf6780b4fe317dbf790ca5.jpg (564×564)

40e483d359ed2ad5f7c2ed8389b7f863.jpg (564×376)

25a2a111403e64f25a6fbf4d1f63169a.jpg (564×376)

5f3301f1d869f94211de51524f76eee4.jpg (564×666)

0c7665fc6a7a4ff2aa1e13ee919e5db4.jpg (564×454)

Here's to hoping I can get a pair before they sell out!


03 March 2017

Pretty Pins for a Friday

I've had a life long love affair with the color pink, so I'm over the moon that pink is currently the color du jour! Is anyone else excited about this pink moment? My wardrobe has definitely been benefiting and I dream of the day I can finally paint my living room a very pale pink. Enjoy a few inspiration pictures I've collected from pinterest over the years, all featuring my favorite color.

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96af8594c7c918f303555f13d68fe286.jpg (564×846)

9c700739f6b007755dfd1de94b4a641d.jpg (335×447)

d47e1dc83fdbd74f1673ec29af95dc5b.jpg (398×600)

2ad29c5be20166397b7dbf3c2a147651.jpg (564×703)

Happy weekend! 

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