25 May 2016

5 Articles to Read When You Have A Moment

During the workday I'm oftentimes sent articles that I want to read, but may need some time to take in (which is obviously not appropriate while at work). I finally was able to buckle down and catch up on my link list and thought I would share a few that resonated with me for various different reasons, whether it be personal motivation, a heartwarming story, or simply just an article that caught my attention.

How to Make a Vision Board

Resisting the Urge to Eat Junk Food

Can Young Luxury Brands Bypass Wholesale?

The Hidden Way Women Keep Each Other Safe in Public

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Happy reading (and watching)!

ARS xx


23 May 2016

Carolina Herrera’s First-Ever Retrospective at SCAD

I was excited to read about Carolina Herrara's retrospective Refined Irreverence in Vogue on Friday. It's a duel exhibition hosted by SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta and SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah. Her classic style has always appealed to me and I wish I could witness her first retrospective in person. Curated by Rafael Gomes, the exhibition will showcase 75 of her designs, ranging from her first collection in 1981 to her newest designs and will even include pieces from her personal collection!  If you're in Atlanta or Savannah, I suggest you swing by, check it out, and report back!

I'm not sure if the bottom image will be shown, but I absolutely had to share it for the simple reason that I just LOVE this look from the 2016 Resort collection.

ARS xx


20 May 2016

On My Radar

What a week it's been! With the ups and downs I've had, it's safe to say I'm ready for the weekend. My weekend plans are fun, yet still relaxing so hopefully it will give me the recharge I need. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

Cooked by Michael Pollan is a documentary series I can't wait to delve into. Having worked in the food and beverage meets health and wellness industry in the past, I make a point of keeping up with trends and news surrounding it. I'm hoping to read the book before, but am thinking maybe I should break a rule of mine and read the book after?

Colorful dining room designed by Eddie Ross for Ballard Designs Summer 2016 catalog

Eddie Ross for Ballard Designs is the bright and colorful catalog I needed to see this week. I'm loving the fun designs he brought to the table and I've certainly been inspired. Is it just me or is Ballard really good right now?

While it's been on my radar for awhile, I'm finally making plans to go to the bookstore Albertine on 5th Ave this weekend. What makes Albertine so awesome is that there are books in both French and English, so I can pick up both - one to practice with and one to read on the subway. I'm thinking this would be the perfect Sunday afternoon, especially with the rainy weather forecast.

The Row is finally opening up shop on the Upper East Side. While I was in LA last year, I was dying to go to the store in Melrose Place, but didn't have the time (or travel means) to get there. Needless to say, I'm super pumped to be able to swing by the store in NY and see the aesthetic and all of the beautiful designs.

What's on your radar?

ARS xx


18 May 2016

Chinoiserie Tempaper for Your Apartment

One of the biggest drawbacks of renting my apartment is that I'm not able to completely customize it to my personal tastes. That means white (or more of an off white) walls, a not so fab kitchen, and not exactly clean (on the outside) windows. While these are all little things, it would be nice to be able to do something to make me love my apartment a little bit more. Could the chinoiserie collection by tempaper be the solution? I'm hesitant to try it, but I may be into framing a panel or two to add some color to an empty wall!

Now I just would need to narrow it down to which one is my favorite! I'm thinking the top one.

ARS xx


16 May 2016

Pretty Pins for Monday

I've been an avid fan of pinterest for quite some time. While I do believe it has it's downsides, it's still such a great place to store visual inspiration that you necessarily wouldn't print out and scrapbook yourself. Here are a few pins that caught my eyes last week to brighten up your Monday.


English country house.:



Summer flowers and strawberries by Babes in Boyland:

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ARS xx


13 May 2016

Travel Spot: Chios, Greece

I come from a family of last minute planners, but if there is one thing we always plan on, it's travelling to Greece in August. It's so beautiful on the island that we make a point of making time to go and completely unwind. There is something so charming about the lack of internet and phones, sporadic power outages and nowhere to be (emphasis on nowhere to be - there is nothing better). Here are a few snaps from my instagram to give you an idea of life on Chios...

This summer I've picked up a #nomadic habit. #greekislands #chios #milos #TowerhouseTravel:

Beach addiction is not a problem. #TowerhouseTravel:

Oh, how I love people watching  #TowerhouseTravel #Greece:

AM walk in Greece. #TowerhouseTravel:

In awe of the history and beauty of this painted village. #Greece #TowerhouseTravel:

Would anyone be interesting in a guide to Chios?

ARS xx


11 May 2016

Artists to Watch

As I mentioned in my life update post awhile back, I started a new job in the art world. While most of my job involves working with auction houses in Europe and Australia, my favorite part of the day is when I get to sit and collaborate on an article for our news department. Here are a  few of my favorite articles I've worked on in the past year.

Peter Anton, <i>Heavenly Donuts</i> (2014). Photo: courtesy of UNIX Gallery.

1. 5 Artists Who Will Inspire you to Make or Break Your Resolutions

Yrjö Edelmann, A More Powerful Way of Defining Trompe L'Oeil (2015). Courtesy of Scott Richards Contemporary Art.

2. 5 April Fool's Pranks Inspired By Art

Left image: Bergdof Goodman holiday 2015 window display. Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman. Right image: Marilyn Minter, Pink Snow (2009). Courtesy of Phillips.

3. Artists to Watch: Holiday Window Edition


4. Can You Guess Which 7 Artists are Influencing Today's Fashion Designers?

Tom Wesselmann, Helen Nude (1981). Courtesy of Bukowskis Stockholm.

5. 5 Artists to Remind You Summer is Coming

Happy Reading!

ARS xx


09 May 2016

Amanda Linderoth Island Bags

As a part time Palm Beacher (wannabe fulltimer), I like to keep my eye on happenings down on the island. My favorite discovery to date are the painted bags sold through Amanda Linderoth. I obviously want a million, but settled on one with the intention to get a second (for farmers markets in NY). I think you'll know which one is mine when you see it.

A unique and fun Palm Bach statement piece for sure.

ARS xx

06 May 2016

Weekend Getaway: Hasbrouck House

Having been home for (almost) every birthday has been wonderful. From burgers and bubbly to nautical but nice, to a casual rooftop post-work drinks I'm so lucky to have celebrated every one of those days with my best friends and family. This year, I'd looove to plan a mini vacation to get out of the city and go just far upstate enough to get away, but still close enough where it isn't (too much of) a hassle. I'm thinking Hudson Valley would do the trick, and I have my eye on the soon-to-open Hasbrouk House.

Now I just need to get my friends onboard!

ARS xx

04 May 2016

Artist Spotlight: Wayne Pate

Having grown up in a house brimming with artwork, I can confidently say I know what I like and what I don't (for someone as indecisive as me, that's huge). While I'm still fashion obsessed, I've seen a shift in my wish lists go from endless clothes to more investment pieces, like art. A current favorite on my wishlist is a work by artist Wayne Pate. I think his works would look perfect in my living room or entrance.

Any artists on your radar?

ARS xx

02 May 2016

Ten Recipes to Try for May

Like I promised back in April, I've been working on a much more relevant monthly post theme to share, instead of posting my personal goals and to dos for the month. Hopefully, you find my alternative as fun as I do! For May I'm sharing a few of my favorite recipes I like to make or some I'm hoping to try this month:

1. The Goop raspberry and coconut flapjack recipe - seriously, I make these by the batch, freeze them and eat them throughout the month.

2. Rawnola by Loni Jane - extremely addicting. I like to  make a big batch on Sundays to use throughout the week.

3. Goop Chia Pudding - do you see a reoccurring theme here? I just love the recipes from goop.

4. Grilled Mexican street corn salad - this seems like the perfect thing to get me in the summer spirt (because the weather definitely isn't there yet).

5. Loni Jane's "caramel Sauce" with apples - it takes a bit to get the recipe right (I personally use about 15 dates soaked overnight, a little bit of water, and around a 1/4 cup of coconut sugar) but once you get it, it's addicting.

6. Deliciously Ella's simple tomato and mushroom pasta - I love pasta and am always looking for easy recipes to try. This one seems like a not-too-ambitious recipe for a novice cook, like me.

7. Tate's chocolate chip cookies (via Goop) - a childhood favorite that I can't wait to try making myself!

8. Fried Rice - jury's still out on this, but to spice it up, I'll give this fried rice recipe a whirl.

9. Martha Stewart's pasta with snap peas, basil, and spinach - This sounds like a really light and perfect for spring.

10. Loaded baked potato quiche - this seems like just what I would want the day after a night out. Anyone else agree?

Happy cooking!

ARS xx

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