28 September 2016

Party Planning: Fall FĂȘte

I was grabbing coffee with an acquaintance awhile back and we were discussing our love of entertaining and how it would be fun to host an afternoon house party. It was timely because my roommate and I have been toying with the idea of having friends over for an autumnal celebration. It's kind of the perfect time for city dwellers to throw a party - everyone is excited to be back in the city and it's still warm enough out so weather will not be a deterrent. To get everyone in the mood, I would definitely want to send a festive and fun invite, most likely from paperless post. I love making cheese plates, so there would absolutely be a few floating around - ideally with a side of cider or a crisp beer. I'd want to decorate our mantle and side tables with seasonal decor, like pumpkins, twigs, and greenery. Below you'll find some inspiration for my ideal party.

57651f7f868c8a83dafbad95300db9c1.jpg (337×466)

Happy fall!

ARS xx
S U B C R I B E 

26 September 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! Pardon my lack of posts these past few days - I've been under the weather and a little slow to getting back in shape. In the meantime, I'll share one of my favorite Monday traditions with you - reading Elle's weekly horoscope! See you on Wednesday.

ARS xx

21 September 2016

Palm Beach Home Inspiration

After living my whole life in the North I'm mentally ready to head down to Palm Beach and settle there. The hustle and bustle in NY has been fun, but it's also been draining. While I have no immediate plans to move, it doesn't hurt to dream a bit and why not start with my future home down there?

OK, just need to find my house (and the budget for all of this decor).

ARS xx

19 September 2016

Quarterlane Literary Boxes

Personally, I'm not one for subscription boxes - they seem a bit too gimmicky and I like picking out what I'm getting. However, when it comes to books I can totally get behind a subscription box. Luckily for me, Quarterlane offers multiple themed boxes in the most adorable of packaging. This fall,  Quarterlane founder Elizabeth Lane, curated the perfect mix of books for the season (and most happen to already be on my "must read" list). As a bonus with each box you score a fabulous print by artist Caitlin McGauley, a canvas tote by Obvious State, and a bespoke notebook from Sloane Stationary. So, who wants to start a Quarterlane book club with me?

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383d65d484feb954c20f4a4e91803ab8.jpg (564×375)

90bf2946404f8dbf4ccce9a2a3314453.jpg (564×356)

Happy Monday!

ARS xx

16 September 2016

Pretty Pins for a Friday!

Was it just me or did this week crawl by? The weekend couldn't have come soon enough for me, although yesterday was the highlight of the week. Between the MDS Stripes presentation and my class at naturopathica how could I complain!? It was perfect timing because it got me excited for my cousins visiting town, the fall weather starting to arrive, and that it's time for wardrobe updates. I'm also excited to start working on towerhouse again - have you checked out the website recently or been following on instagram? In honor of the last few days of summer and my family's motto "be pink. stay pink." here are a few images reflecting my mood this week.

38ab1336a5fa2eae1f5fa02b543f61c4.jpg (564×846)

421e7f744adc132f7c442944850f9678.jpg (564×789)

7619984b8dffea9008da0a5916d59cd4.jpg (236×159)

b80182521ff8f7e921d0bb3e0f046013.jpg (564×565)


ARS xx

14 September 2016

NYFW Love: Co

I've been avidly following NYFW and as much as I'm loving the shows, a few presentations and imagery I've seen have really stuck with me. One of the more visually appealing and memorable for me has been Co's lookbook. As a relatively new company (they launched in 2012), it's exciting to see where the company is heading. From the clothes, to the model, to the setting, to the color palette I can't get enough of this collection!

6e6d553afe364edf4a1085ee2619e07f.jpg (564×846)

f01a9c51b1335a1198374e91fbf19fde.jpg (564×846)

af49bef12d914814a89d8fe726889bd5.jpg (564×846)

71b4361caef4cae5be4031f35c3a4189.jpg (564×846)

Are you as in love as I am?

ARS xx

12 September 2016

Chanel’s Pop-Up Parisian Apartment at Bergdorf Goodman

My favorite store in the city is Bergdorfs, so my ears always perk up a bit when I hear about anything special going on. This weekend happened to be the reveal of their new first floor and the Chanel Pop-Up apartment on the 7th floor. I don't love the first floor, to be honest, mainly because I thought it was perfect before and was much more my taste but I thought the pop-up was gorgeous. It was very crowded when I went, but if you have a moment I definitely recommend stopping by.

e687d89c7d8c55f60d123ebba2a2bb25.jpg (564×370)

de9744cae79ed0f11d7783178a115048.jpg (564×826)

Happy Monday!

ARS xx

09 September 2016

NYFW Outfit Options

Fashion week is here and I can't wait to see what the designers have to offer for Spring 2017! While I've never attended a runway show for adults, I have been to a few presentations during my BluePrint days and I'm excited to be attending the MDS Stripes presentation next week. As I think you know, I'm a huge huge fan so being able to attend is a huge privilege and I'm so grateful! I've been pulling together a few outfit ideas and inspiration, but I will be coming from work so I do want to be too dressed up and I'm also trying to recreate a look based off of what I already own so I can be a bit budget conscious as well. Here are three looks I'm going to try recreating this weekend to see what works:

Luckily I have a lot of the pieces in my closet, but I might need to pick up a piece or two to complete the outfits I have in mind.

ARS xx

07 September 2016

Fall Accessories

I know I sound like a broken record when I say I'm not buying much this year, so I apologize. This is a massive step for me, so I have sort of made it my mantra, but it's definitely challenged me in ways I didn't really think about before! I've been so blessed with beautiful gifts and have an arsenal of accessories on hand, so why not make those the stars of my wardrobe for the next few years? I've pulled together a few inspiration images to get the creative juices flowing - there are endless options! 

Happy styling! 

ARS xx 

02 September 2016

The Art of the Pied a Terre

Paris holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite places in the world. The first time I went was by myself, the first time I ever traveled abroad and I was meeting up with a family I hardly knew (I only met one of the daughters twice). They could not have been more welcoming and friendly, in fact I think it's a big part of the reason why flying to Paris feels like arriving home. I'm always looking at Paris apartments, dreaming of the day I can return and possibly live there full time. One of my favorite websites to look at is A+B Kasha. The apartments featured on their website are gorgeous! I love how they both sell apartments and do redesigns. There are so many beautiful ones on the website, but this one on Rue Bonaparte is one of my favorites.

Happy Parisian dreaming! 

ARS xx

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