31 October 2009

happy halloween

happy halloween!! although our school cancelled halloween i still plan on dressing up as mythbusters with molly (my roommate)

enjoy the throwback picture of me and my little sister (why did i have to be raggedy anne!? so not cute!!) i can't wait to eat all the candy!!!

29 October 2009

The Days of the Week According to Moi

Every single day has a theme for me. It keeps life fun and I am always thinking of things to do to fulfill my requirements of the day!!

Sunday: Simple Sunday (watch the Simple Life on my computer)

Monday: Mischief Monday (play pranks on unsuspecting souls)

Tuesday: Thirsty Tuesday (no class on Wednesday and $1 beers!!)

Wednesday: Work Wednesday (do all of my hw)

Thursday: Themes Thursday (Alyssa and I dress with a theme)

Friday: Fashion Friday (work on croquis and making up new things)

Saturday: Sparkle Saturday (dress in something cute and go out!!)

marie antoinette

marie antoinette is one of my favorite people for several reasons...one of them being the whole cake thing. anyways, i smuggled tea from france that is called marie antoinette. i must say that it is one of my favorite teas and it really helps me get out of bed in the morning (and reminds me of my fav macarons!!).

going for my first run through of my acting scene from proof!! (i need coffee...i'll just use my tea!)

27 October 2009

tuesday night antics

i live in a sorority house....that means i live with 30 something girls. that also means that we have to share 3 bathrooms and all sleep in the cold dorm. the one problem that i have living in my house is that when someone gets sick, the whole house does too. hence my panic right now. 2 girls have the swine flu. needless to say they are in mandatory quarantine and i have been freaking out in my room.

this is where my story begins. martha (one of the flu victims and friend) texted the outside world to bring her down a mattress from the cold dorm. umm ok? it's like 11 at night. rude but you are probably delusional from fever so whatever. anyways, me and 7 other people go into a silent cold dorm to bring down said mattress. we then proceeded to knock the carbon monoxide detector off the wall. we have yet to figure out how to turn it off. it currently is sitting in our kitchen with a knife in it so it stops the beeping that woke up every single person sleeping. oops!

(i couldn't find any pictures of the cold dorm or my house so i opted to show you images of the state of my room...on a good day!!! just kidding, it was when i was moving into my room last year)

26 October 2009

cooking class

a long time ago home skill classes were taught (i have no idea what people call these). they taught the very much needed cooking and sewing skills that i seem to lack. for sure these should be brought back!!!

once again i almost burnt a building down. first, the chicken that i was making started to smoke up (whatever, that usually happens to me so i ignored it). i mean it was fine, whatever, i had peanut sauce to cover up that little burnt taste. then all of a sudden the dark chocolate that i was melting for my desert went up in flames. literally. never have i ever dived to fast to get to a microwave in my life...it usually is the oven. (aside from the time that i set off the fire alarm making cheesy bread with my freshman year roommate as pictured above) my mom is a firm believer in not using microwaves. ever. and yes, i was that kid who did not have a microwave in her house.

25 October 2009

celebrity party

every year my sorority has a party called celebrity party. this is by far my favorite party because everyone dresses up as ugly and/or weird celebrities and the seniors dress up in cute costumes that are all the same. this year, we decided to do superlatives! i was little miss princess. obviously.

anyways, it was a really fun night and i got to dance up a storm with my friends!!

__________ I have met and liked

i bring along with me everywhere my little book called "princess notes". i am forever making little to do lists, or in class i write lists usually titled "things i would rather be doing" and i'm sure you get the picture. since my little notebook is almost full i need to find another notebook with a clever, yet fitting title. i think i found one!!!

my personal favorites are

these notebooks look to be appropriate and fitting to my personality (maybe not so much the communists, but it's still funny!!!). i may or may not get these as presents for family members too!!!

23 October 2009

writer's block

i've been suffering from writers block for about a week! sorry!!

anyways, doesn't this photo make you want to go a relax somewhere warm? it makes me want to! i have to get ready for our celebrity party today!!! (it is being held tomm but as usual i still need to get an outfit!)

12 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pickings

Pumpkin Wagon Ride
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rich66 ~
Something that I love about my school is how close everyone gets with their professors. Last night my professor emailed our class and invited all of us to pick pumpkins from his patch. Sadly, I did not have the time to (I hate midterms). I guess I'll have to find my pumpkin that turns into a carriage another time!

I have my monologue tomorrow, wish me luck!!

happy monday

i have probably the best schedule for classes ever. i only have it on tuesdays and thursdays. there is something so luxurious about sleeping in on mondays. it never gets old!!

welcome to my life.

05 October 2009

lake placid lifestyle

i go to school in the middle of no where. i simply love the country life, don't get me wrong. but after like a month it begins to get old and i find myself craving a meal that is not made by my cook or, even worse, myself. a few spa treatments would be nice, oh and don't froget a little bit of skiing! it is at that point that i usually make the 2 hour trek to lake placid. i love it. it's like the upstate version of the hamptons to me. all of my worries melt away upon arrival.

every single time i drive by the tail of the pup i just want to pull in and hang out. it literally looks like it is the best party all the time. apparently it's famous around here.

this is truly my favorite winter wonderland...don't take that as me hoping for an early winter! because that is about the last thing i want to deal with right now. (please note: t has already snowed/flurried here)

much love from nanuk of the north

01 October 2009


not to get political or anything but i am rather annoyed by an encounter i just had. some misguided soul just tried to show me a peta video regarding fur. honestly, she shouldn't have even bothered. i am heartless. i could care less about the animals that make up my fabulous fur coats. (side note: i am the proud owner of a cropped faux leopard jacket.)

peta consists of ridiculous radicals that blabber on about animal rights. if they said maybe one intelligent thing maybe i would consider giving them a chance. sadly they don't. how about we try covering human rights first. oh wait, that might be to complicated for their small minds. maybe peta feels the need to make a big fuss about animal right's because they, themselves are animals.

and on another note, it's people like me that give peta something to whine about. so you can thank me and my fellow fur lovers for giving you a cause.
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