02 July 2009

hold on, let me give you my number

these days i am forever scribbling my name, number and email on scraps of paper. whatever happened to the days when people used calling cards? i mean yes, important people (note: not me) with serious jobs have business cards, but normal everyday people (me) don't have them, until now. i just bought a bunch of cards that i am obssesed with at iomoi. i can't wait to be able to hand them out to people. the following images are just a few of the ones i'm obsessed with. (guess which one i got) iomoi is also perfect for personalized stationary and online stationary. you can try the online stationary for free here.

i also just want to say that i did not put fake information on them like my friend sam's friend did. seriously it is probably one of the funniest things ever .maybe on april foolsday i'll so something like that.

ta ta for now


  1. I'm having calling cards made as I write this actually. I flat out stole the idea from Miss Holly Golightly. My car says: "Maggie O'Sullivan, traveling" and my number and email addy. HA!

  2. those cards are gorgeous! going to website.... :oP lola re


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