02 July 2009


salut! i have arrived in paris. it actually has been 2 days already but this is the first time i have had the chance to actually post. i'm seeing the native side of paris. last night i went to a french bbq at a girl named manon's house. they people are really friendly. my only complaint is that when i try to speak french, they want to speak english because i guess they never really get the chance to speak it. i have to laugh because everyone kisses each other on the cheeks here, which no one does in the US. i feel like i have kissed like 20 different strangers. i tried cow liver for the first time and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. i just want to point out to everyone that i am not adventurous when it comes to food. seriously though, i really am one of the pickiest eaters ever so i give myself credit.  i also got to go to a jason mraz concert, which was awesome! it was kind of funny because i had no idea that the french were such fanatics. i was told that it was a sold out show, and i figured that like 75% of the people would come. no, EVERYONE CAME. that never happens in ny. we also have air conditioned concerts, they do not. regardless of the heat i had so much fun. 

obvioulsy i have gone shopping a lot because i am a shopoholic. i bought the french versions of jack rogers (everyone has these sandals according to alex, my friend here). they are called k. jacques.  they are so cute and comfortable and i am told that they last a lifetime. i'm excited to go to le bon marche today. it is going to be amazing, i just know it. 

i'll give more updates later

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