03 July 2009

Coca Light

Diet Coke is my coffeekeh
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I have never been a big fan of diet coke, I have always preferred regular coke. However, I find myself drinking diet coke (aka coca light) nonstop in France. The thing to do after going to 3 or 4 stores is to go to a cafe and get a diet coke or something of the like. At least this is what Alex tells me. I find these mini breaks to be so much fun and relaxing. This is one tradition I recommend everyone partake in...I'll be sure to do this from now on.

On another note, everyone chain smokes here. I never really have been a big smoker but watching every single person smoke a cigarette makes me want to smoke too. Never fear though - I will not partake in this. I hate the way my hair smells with all the cigarette smoke in it!

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