08 July 2009

we sing. we dance. we steal things.

hopefully all of us both sing and dance, whether it be for fun or as a job, but this is not the topic of this post. (i feel like it was pointless to say hopefully we don't steal things but whatever...i'll say it here. i hope you don't steal things!) this is about jason mraz's cd we sing. we dance. we steal. basically i love it. it's my new obsession to listen to while working. if you need something easy to listen to then do it. my personal favorite is make it mine but i also love butterfly.


  1. I agree. Great album!

  2. This is a great cd. He is a customer in a health food store I work at. We haven't seen him in a while since he has been on tour so much. He is awesome and signed my cd when he came in! It was cute cause it was the day his cd came out and he had not signed one yet. I felt honored!!

  3. Alanna, I think I am more jealous that you got to see him perform in Paris!!


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