10 July 2009

fieldtrip friday

sooo you should now get used to my field trip friday posts. i think friday is going to be my new favorite day of the working week for a whole new reason. today we had a break from class for the first time ever and we went on a field trip to see sailor chic in paris at musee national de la marine. i may or may not be obsessed with this showing. i absolutely love anything nautical, i am a sailor you know! it was so inspiring to see all of the old uniforms and how the designers have used it as inspiration for their collections. you can see some of the exhibit on the website if you click through the pictures. 

on another note, i went off on my own today for the second time. it was so nice to get away from the people i spend 24/7 with. i went and did some shopping at le bon marche and practiced my french. i loved a lot of the clothes but i'm trying to decide if i want to save my money and buy some awesome fall clothes or if i want to save and buy myself a purse. what do you think??

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