29 July 2009

why i am never coming back

dear friends,

i never want to go home. the following are the top 10 reasons why.

1. i can eat whatever i want, when i want, and still lose weight
2. i can pretend that euros are dollars so i think i am getting a good deal even though i am more then likely getting ripped off
3. i finally have a legit excuse for all of my typos (different keyboards)
4. i have always wanted an apartment with high ceilings
5. french people (boys) are better looking
6. when i come home to visit everyone will be way more excited to see me then usual (and they will be more apt..aka obliged...to do whatever i want)
7. another way of avoiding a real life...i need to learn the language before getting a job
8. it is day for like 20 out of the 24 hours so i actually have the chance to do everything i need to do.
9. time is in military time so i can always pretend (who are we kidding here...i dont have a clue) i dont know what time it is
10. laduree.


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