27 July 2009


hello, my name is alanna and i'm a twilight addict. just kidding (but not really). i may or may not have watched twilight a million times with holly (my friend). for some reason french boys love twilight. i have no clue why but they do*. anyways, i'm currently watching twilight with a bunch of younger american boys that are visiting the family i'm staying with and phillipine. poor kids had no idea that it was a vampire love story, not an action film. i'm dying of laughter.

*side story: the first night i hung out with my new french friends the boy thibault asked me if i liked twilight. typically i didn't want to seem like a totally loser and i said no. obviously he goes oh i love twilight. i was so upset. these were my people. i'm never lying again. oops. i just lied. 

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