14 July 2009

happy bastille day

Bastille Day
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bonjour! so while the beginning of my bastille day left much to be desired the ending was fantastic. it started out with me realizing that the french parades are really early, not mid morning/early afternoon like i was lead to believe. after said disappointment i went to hang out by the seine and saw boats drive by rapidly with army men on it. we decided we wanted to go on it. it took about 20 minutes to get there but the ride ended 20 minutes before we got there. awesome. to top it off i found out the andy warhol exhibit i was dying to see ended yesterday. sweet, the one thing i really really really wanted to do in paris was closed.

regardless of all of this we had a picnic in the luxembourg gardens and went to a ferris wheel near la tour eiffel. i guess God felt bad for us because as we got on the ferris wheel the fireworks started so we had a fantastic view of the fireworks. so i guess it wasn't too bad of a bastille day after all!

can't wait to show the pictures

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  1. What a lovely ending to your day!



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