31 May 2017

Rainy Day Wishlist

Gloomy days are the best...when you're in the right mindset or situation (ie: at home, reading a good book with a side of tea). Sadly, I'm at work and definitely not in the right mindset, so I'm making a wishlist of things that might brighten up my day! With all of the sales happening right now, I'm trying to have tunnel vision and stick to the few things I've had my eye on for awhile.

31ee6462ad69939909215d3dd4ec9ee6.jpg (564×846)

4a6aa5d9151f1818d166e59aa62ab35a.jpg (564×564)

67845b8fd2639c53c0356bd5388eaa06.jpg (564×704)

 49a8175c74432da146aeee0f681306b9.jpg (564×564)
(this has been on my list for awhile...I'm sensing a birthday request!)

f30c8cb4b0e4869ff22439b1e7f39520.jpg (324×468)

Happy Wednesday, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! 

ARS xx 

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