19 May 2017


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Visiting my family out on Long Island and plotting ways to steal my Nanny's dog, Pinky! How adorable is he? I guess the bridal shower and communion party are an added bonus....

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Taking notes from the article How to Plan the Perfect Party. I saw this on Moda Operandi the other day and loved all of the tips and tricks listed. A few I use already, but it's always interesting to read what other hostesses do to prepare and plan for a party. (I particularly loved her stance on keeping flowers wild and buying in 6)

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Obsessing over everything happening at Bergdorfs right now. From Linda's store to the art show to the Putnam and Putnam outpost, Bergdrofs feels even more like home more now than ever. If you need an excuse  to pop in, there are a ton right now.

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Kicking myself for not preordering the Rebecca de Ravenel Ming Shirt on Moda Operandi. As I've mentioned before,  I'm trying to edit my wardrobe and pare things back. The shirt would have been a great addition to my wardrobe especially during the transitional months. Oh well, c'est la vie!

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Living in my new India Amory robes! I wrote about my love for the brand awhile back, but went to a recent pop-up and fell in love all over again. If you need a good gift, this is a  great option! 

Happy weekend! TGIF, am I right?

ARS xx

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