10 May 2017

Unique and Thoughtful Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

As someone who is always last minute in everything she does, it's actually surprising I'm usually pretty on top of gift giving (aside from that one time I was 3 years late on a wedding gift - oops + so rude of me!). This year I've been a bit behind on Mother's Day and while I have a few small things, I'm in need of finding a real gift. Below I've rounded up three contenders in case you're in the same predicament I'm in:

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6 Month subscription to Paris Breakfasts' Letters or Maps (or a subscription to both!). A blog I used to follow, Paris Breakfasts, came back on my feed the other day and I realized the author now sells monthly "letters" and "maps" of Paris that you can subscribe to! This is a perfect gift for any Francophile and/or art loving Mom and as a bonus, it's the gift that keeps on giving for 6 months.

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Online Watercolor Class with Design House of Moira - I stumbled on this class when I was on a downward spiral, but love the idea of giving my Mom and experience she would love but wouldn't exactly sign up for herself. Ideally I would be able to get her a class in town, but I haven't done my research and I like that she can do the class at her own pace. If your Mom isn't an artist, maybe sign her up for a different kind of class!

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Bouquet of flowers with The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers by Livia Cetti of The Green Vase + materials to make her own flowers. - In case you couldn't tell, my Mom is a craft nut and as a result I am too. While I know she doesn't like paper flowers, I think she would enjoy attempting a new challenge (and maybe making me a few in the process?). If you have extra time, maybe pick up some of her flowers on her website or John Derian. I also bought some for myself from an etsy store, Nectar Hollow, and loooooove them.

ARS xx

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