11 May 2017

Art Love: Joseph Scheer at Bergdorfs

Earlier this week I popped into Bergdorfs to get a haircut and check out Linda's store on the 4th floor, but what really stole the show for me were the moth prints by Joseph Scheer all over! Before leaving, I picked up a little card that directed me to the Ruby Beets online store for more information about the artist. I'm glad I checked it out, because what an exciting career path he has! Currently Scheer is a professor of print media and is the Co-Director/Founder of the Institute for Electronic arts at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University. Working in an array of mediums, Scheer's works have most recently been exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum of Art and the National Museum of China! While I love all of the different moths, I have a soft spot for the leopard-esque Abraxas Sylvata. Below are a few more of my favorites.

2a98443195fec859cc04ea92b85844da.jpg (500×350)

068e754c8fa2d229c121f835eec4e7a0.jpg (236×165)

b7fa495af47e71460e25ae0b2471b6d0.jpg (236×165)

2791ae869ea9c6a40a4564ad9ac1279d.jpg (500×350)

482549d131e7b2b5d4096939f30d6956.jpg (500×350)

Should I get one? My Mom doesn't love them, but I kind of do...


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