05 June 2017

Party Planning: My Birthday

It's my birthday month and, as it's my last birthday in my 20s, I'm planning on milking it for all it's worth. Because I'm crazy, I've been planning an entire week of celebrations - kicking off with a birthday dinner, followed by a staycation and going to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen with Cait! For my dinner theme, I've pulled a few inspiration images that I'll share with you all (and because I don't think any of my friends still follow this blog):

4ec8136411fb443928b5921cd6a36d8b.jpg (391×391)

fe3bf24f148f878d5ecdbf9081d4acb3.jpg (236×377)

9e36aababddb1095ab2e30b87002d20a.jpg (564×564)

87881f0c2ed97f6451a3004136b5eea3.jpg (564×829)

327aca55b7bdbe9b9a361fa58e6c2740.jpg (564×811)

Happy Monday!

S U B S C R I B E 

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