26 May 2017


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Reliving Midsummer's Night Dream preformed by the New York City Ballet. I went Thursday evening with Kristen to see the ballet for the first time and just about died from excitement. It was so magical and beautiful! It was a good reminder for me to take advantage of cool things to do in the city that I normally wouldn't do.

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Taking advantage of all the Memorial Day sales to get a few wedding/party outfits! I still can't believe that I have 6 weddings this year! I need to find some chic and fun options to wear to engagement parties, bridal showers, and the weddings themselves.

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Admiring Pippa Middleton's wedding dress (and the wedding in general - I mean did you see those flowers?). She looked simply stunning and I'm sure the reception was just as beautiful!

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Preparing my body for summer! This weekend kicks off the summer season (in my opinion) so I want to be sure to get in a few last exfoliating sessions in, do a hair mask, and eat extra clean for the next few days.

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Reording my favorite protein powder from Moon Juice. I honestly can say it's the only protein powder I enjoy and I will never go back to any other protein powder.

Happy long weekend!


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