24 May 2017

Pretty Pins for Memorial Day Weekend

Yay! I love a long weekend (and a short workweek) just as much as anyone, but this weekend I particularly look forward too! It's a time to celebrate and honor the lives lost fighting for our country, the kickoff for my favorite season, and we always have a great BBQ planned with family and friends. I'm particularly excited, because my cousin Grace will be in town - be sure to follow our adventures on instagram! What are your plans for the weekend?

16caeff5c94d47310f5c05657e708eb5.jpg (564×846)

7701e2700e96d6a361dea0045463cd2c.jpg (564×788)

a72db1ad74c458b4d3732d71cbf2a368.jpg (400×600)

742f116b43b3f6e5514221198cae36b0.jpg (564×846)

bd23dc43425d45d92383e7b98a971b2c.jpg (360×450)

Happy BBQ-ing! 

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