05 October 2009

lake placid lifestyle

i go to school in the middle of no where. i simply love the country life, don't get me wrong. but after like a month it begins to get old and i find myself craving a meal that is not made by my cook or, even worse, myself. a few spa treatments would be nice, oh and don't froget a little bit of skiing! it is at that point that i usually make the 2 hour trek to lake placid. i love it. it's like the upstate version of the hamptons to me. all of my worries melt away upon arrival.

every single time i drive by the tail of the pup i just want to pull in and hang out. it literally looks like it is the best party all the time. apparently it's famous around here.

this is truly my favorite winter wonderland...don't take that as me hoping for an early winter! because that is about the last thing i want to deal with right now. (please note: t has already snowed/flurried here)

much love from nanuk of the north

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to visit! It all looks so quaint!


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