01 October 2009


not to get political or anything but i am rather annoyed by an encounter i just had. some misguided soul just tried to show me a peta video regarding fur. honestly, she shouldn't have even bothered. i am heartless. i could care less about the animals that make up my fabulous fur coats. (side note: i am the proud owner of a cropped faux leopard jacket.)

peta consists of ridiculous radicals that blabber on about animal rights. if they said maybe one intelligent thing maybe i would consider giving them a chance. sadly they don't. how about we try covering human rights first. oh wait, that might be to complicated for their small minds. maybe peta feels the need to make a big fuss about animal right's because they, themselves are animals.

and on another note, it's people like me that give peta something to whine about. so you can thank me and my fellow fur lovers for giving you a cause.

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