26 October 2009

cooking class

a long time ago home skill classes were taught (i have no idea what people call these). they taught the very much needed cooking and sewing skills that i seem to lack. for sure these should be brought back!!!

once again i almost burnt a building down. first, the chicken that i was making started to smoke up (whatever, that usually happens to me so i ignored it). i mean it was fine, whatever, i had peanut sauce to cover up that little burnt taste. then all of a sudden the dark chocolate that i was melting for my desert went up in flames. literally. never have i ever dived to fast to get to a microwave in my life...it usually is the oven. (aside from the time that i set off the fire alarm making cheesy bread with my freshman year roommate as pictured above) my mom is a firm believer in not using microwaves. ever. and yes, i was that kid who did not have a microwave in her house.

1 comment:

  1. Hahah! Don't forget the time when we made "cupcakes". We've come a long way since then, I believe.



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