27 October 2009

tuesday night antics

i live in a sorority house....that means i live with 30 something girls. that also means that we have to share 3 bathrooms and all sleep in the cold dorm. the one problem that i have living in my house is that when someone gets sick, the whole house does too. hence my panic right now. 2 girls have the swine flu. needless to say they are in mandatory quarantine and i have been freaking out in my room.

this is where my story begins. martha (one of the flu victims and friend) texted the outside world to bring her down a mattress from the cold dorm. umm ok? it's like 11 at night. rude but you are probably delusional from fever so whatever. anyways, me and 7 other people go into a silent cold dorm to bring down said mattress. we then proceeded to knock the carbon monoxide detector off the wall. we have yet to figure out how to turn it off. it currently is sitting in our kitchen with a knife in it so it stops the beeping that woke up every single person sleeping. oops!

(i couldn't find any pictures of the cold dorm or my house so i opted to show you images of the state of my room...on a good day!!! just kidding, it was when i was moving into my room last year)

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