23 February 2011

Champs Elysees Bakery

I must admit that I was thrilled to learn about the champs elysees bakery while reading elle decor last month and made it my mission to go there at some point this week. The reason this was a do or die kind of thing is because it is rumored the chef used to be a pastry chef at laduree*, one of my fav places on the planet for numerous reasons.

Anyways, I had a pain au chocolat and indulged in a raspberry and blueberry tart...which were beyond fabulous and made me long for France. I also got to practice my French because once the woman there learned I could speak French, that was all she would speak to me with! So, moral of the story? Go directly to the bakery if you get the chance!

*Elle Decor says the chef used to work at Laduree but the Palm Beach Daily News article doesn't mention this little tidbit, making me question Elle Decor...

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