12 April 2017

Designer Love: India Amory

My chicest friend Cait posted on instagram a few weeks ago the most adorable robe and introduced me to the world of India Amory. It all started when Julia Amory was planning her wedding and couldn't find the right fabrics, a predicament that is something I think anyone can relate to at some point or another. She ultimately ended up designing her own hand blocked prints from India and created robes and boxers for the bridal party with the leftover fabric. From there she decided to launch her own brand, where you can pick up these affordable linens for yourself - or you can go crazy and create something custom! I personally ordered a pink robe (sorry, Cait, I copied you!) and pareo for myself and can't wait to order some table linens like this one.

c8283c579095e6343fad64b5297c9c12.jpg (564×704)

9699c06e9b7d61e77996cd20107d8875.jpg (500×500)

c4953107e3016d8e5b132204e70a8753.jpg (564×845)

9685dcd9c8e8ab117326ccbc257fabe0.jpg (500×500)

14d67087b8af6bb136ba572825aa92ac.jpg (236×236)

Happy Wednesday!


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