03 February 2014

February Goals

What better way to kick off my return to blogging than to start with my goals - for not just February, but for the whole year? CMJR over at Kiki Papers started it off in January and, although I'm a bit late to hop on the 12 in 2014 train, I did come up with a few, starting in February:

February - Ramp up my promotion of the Gold Gala
March - Work out 5 days a week for an hour (no excuses)
April - 100% give up the metro, even if it's freezing
May - Spring Cleaning will commence
June - Launch my special (and secret) project
July - Read 5 new "non-beach read" books (list TBD)
August - Book another photoshoot
September - Sign up for a Fall class at NYU
October - Go to 4 museums I've never visited
November - Organize a weekend getaway
December - Plan my next list

Who is with me on this? Let me know if you come up with a list - bonus points if it's via twitter! I'll be posting about my progress on instagram and twitter so be sure to follow along.

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