21 July 2010

newspaper envy

not that i'm a big celebrity gossip follower (i think i'm the only 22 year old girl who doesn't read perez hilton and i have enough concerns of my own) or take joy out of other people's downfalls...but i must admit that i was envy of every single person's newspaper today. the front page of the ny post was the mugshot of lindsay. i mean i want to read about anyone who has his or her mugshot on the cover of the ny post! it's not that i like to read about bad things, it's just that i get so curious...

on a lighter note, i think it's funny that old men (not the 3 girls on the train) were the ones studiously reading the article and gossiping about it on the train...too bad it had to be bad celebrity news, no one actually wants to read about someone's downfall

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