21 July 2010

which one do you like better?!

as i'm sitting here wondering what to blog about ( i know i haven't been keeping up with blogging, i promise i will get back on track!) i stumbled upon an article on yahoo regarding a faux pas within the magazine world. apparently 3 different magazines put the same dress on the cover! which one do you like the most:

i personally like the first one (W) the most!

now that i am trying to find a job i find myself reading the headlines a lot more to stay on top of things...i have been really stressed out recently trying to get my life in order. i feel like it is impossible to find a job in the city! (even though some of my friends already have jobs...congratulations!)

and on an update note: jennie, one of my best friends, came to visit this weekend and i am eagerly trying to plan a weekend getaway to see some of my other best friends this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. definitely the 1st one--its the most dramatic and draws the most attention!


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