10 January 2011

Moscot Eyeware

I know that most people would expect me to say that I get a lot of inspiration from my very fashionable (when she wants to be) mother. However, I mostly get my ideas from my Dad. He always knows what is going to be awesome and trendy before anyone else knows it. (including famous people, who are supposed to set the trends!)

Except in this case...celebrities, like Andy Warhol, have been wearing moscot glasses for awhile now! They are currently being sold in Colette, one of my fav stores, known for being one of the most selective and trendy stores in Paris.

We went last week to get him new reading glasses and I walked out with a new pair of sunglasses from Moscot (a new york staple since the early 1900's). I am partial to the lemtosh style in brown crystal (I mean I did get those)...but I wouldn't complain about getting any of these frames that are "classic with a modern twist"!

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