06 September 2010


first off, happy Labor Day. i hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend as much as i did! it was filled with family time, bbq's, and real housewives of new jersey. (yes, i did watch most of the marathon in preparation for the 2nd part of the reunion and no, i will not say my thoughts on it yet for those who have yet to watch it!)

anyway, while i was indulging in mindless hours of tv a bluefly commercial came on that really stuck with me that i thought was hysterical. it is starring my fav olympic skater, johnny weir.

just thought i'd pass it on for those who were doing more productive things!

(sidenote: i can't figure out why the video is so large when i embed it but i'll have to look it up and try to figure it out!)

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha oh my god i love the new bluefly commercials! bethenny's isn't nearly as funny as his though. Did you see the episode when rachel zoe styled him on the rachelzoe project? hilariooouus


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