29 August 2010

note to self...

go back to ben's garden asap. i'm not a big oprah fan...trust me, i could do a while other blog post on her but i won't because 1. everyone else probably loves her and 2. i don't have any other basis other then the fact that every single thing she has recommended (with a few rare exceptions) i do not like. anyway, all those opinions aside, she was spot on when she said she loved this place!

in case you couldn't tell, i am obsessed with ben's garden! it is a shop filled with adorable decoupage trays, fabulous books, inspiring prints, and small little gifts (or treats for yourself, which i frequently buy, for myself of course). in particular, there is a framed print that i am dying for...but i have yet to hang all of my other prints so i can't really justify it just yet!
(but let me tell you, it is everything i love in 1: paris, pink, gold, and it involves audrey hepburn)

and did i mention the incredible window displays??

image: ben's garden website

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