31 March 2017


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Celebrating Kjersti's birthday tomorrow night! Love celebrating old friends, making new friends, and keeping good company. I think birthdays are one of my favorite things to celebrate, especially when it's my turn!

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Wearing  my new MDS Stripes outfit around the apartment - can summer arrive now? My roommate thinks I'm insane.

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Reading all about Victoria Beckham for Target and the Christophe Robin popup store opening right near my office.

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Eating anything that is Low FODMAP diet approved. I was recently put on a diet by my doctors, as I've been having digestive issues, and let me just say this diet has been life changing, difficult (miss you, garlic!) but worth it. My stomach is flatter and I'm feeling better than I have been in quite some time.

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Planning a few upcoming trips with a few girl friends soon! We're thinking Napa, Charleston, or New Orlenas! Any recommendations or insights would be appreciated!

Have a good weekend!

S U B S C R I B E 

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