03 April 2017

Aerin Lauder for Williams Sonoma

I'm sure you've all read or seen the Aerin Lauder collection at Williams Sonoma already but I had to share here. I love Aerin Lauder and I love Williams Sonoma, so naturally I'm ready to buy everything this collaboration has to offer. It's collaborations like this that make me long for more space or my own place to decorate. As much as I wish I could buy everything (hello, future PB home!) I can't justify buying all the pieces offered, so I'll just make a wishlist of my favorite things instead!

2ca096d6fd6a95fb9d3b8590e970eafb.jpg (564×752)

11e2ab0d524cf3b2d6ad539f4ebdb6a1.jpg (550×704)

0ff2220eda41e726d063da3411081b84.jpg (564×752)

58330d3798754b6d8a298c537a3e4977.jpg (564×751)

61c6c47ab1cb23fb44d07dae6fd7f4e8.jpg (564×564)

Happy Monday!

ARS xx

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