21 June 2013

Party Planning: My Birthday

I took a page out of Grace Kelly's book and planned my birthday around my sign - which is Cancer. Obviously I had to come up with a wittier (and more uplifting) theme so my coworker suggested "Crab Shack". Here are a few glimpses of where I got my inspiration from:

Every party needs a fun invitation - mine happened to say "Pinch me, I'm 25!". 

Because my birthday is going to be in the country this year, there is room for a table. Clearly I needed to set up a fab tablescape. 

These striped ribboned straws are pretty amazing and going to look perfect with the signature drink, dark and stormys. 

Clearly pirates are going to be incorporated somehow.

Pink balloons and boxwood will add a bit of whimsey to the mix. 

Attire: Nautical but nice! 

I think it pretty much goes without saying that the food will be crabs + bbq food. 

Happy 25th Birthday to me!

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