03 August 2016

Hostess Gifts

I'm a shameless couch bed surfer. With my friends moving out of NY to other cities, I've been plotting weekend escapes to go and visit them. I have countless itineraries of things to do and places to see while my friend is at the office (and in case he or she wants/needs some suggestions). Being that I'm crashing at his or her house, it's only polite to bring something with me as a little thank you. I've done round ups in the past, but I do have a few favorite go to's that have yet to disappoint.

The Hermes soap sets are hands down my favorite. They smell divine, come in gorgeous packaging, and are definitely something you wouldn't buy for yourself.

Kerber's Farm gift crates are another go to for me, so I can bring a little bit of my home to someone else's home. The different flavors being delicious and well packaged is just an added bonus.

Another gift I love to give, for those extra far trips or extended stays, is a John Derian tray of New York City. I gave one to my family in Paris and it was a total hit. I love that I was able to bring a chic, just touristy enough, gift from NY for their unbelievable apartment.

So, who is ready for me to visit?

ARS xx


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