01 August 2016

10 NY Spots to Try this August

Sometimes it's fun to just be a tourist in your own hometown and living in NY it's very easy to accomplish. I have an ever growing list of new places and ones that have been on my list forever, that I can't wait to check out. As a local, here are some places I have on my list to try - some are probably a bit touristy and other are simply just fun places to visit but all are worth checking out.

1. Now that it's confirmed we aren't going to Greece this summer, I can't wait to try The Greek in TriBeCa. It 's supposed to have amazing traditional Greek food! 

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2. Also on my list is Claudette on 5th Ave. I was walking with my friend Charlotte a few weeks ago and we passed this adorable spot. The brunch menu looks so yummy! 

3. I've been meaning to try The Garrett West's cocktails for quite some time. They all look so good, I may need to try a few! 

4. Paul's Cocktail Lounge is another spot in TriBeCa that I've been meaning to try. They had me at Palm Beach theme and the no phones allowed is just a bonus (in my opinion).

5. Another place I've been dying to visit is more experience based - The Explorer's Club! On Monday's they have very interesting talks, or so I'm told, so I'm going to make a point of attending one. As if the taxidermy wasn't enough!  

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6. I love a good cup of tea and Lady Mendl's Tea Salon is on the top of my list for places to try. Located on one of my favorite streets in the city, I may need to make this a priority. 

7. As a closet history nut, I don't know why I haven't gone to Fraunces Tavern sooner. As both a restaurant and museum this place is rich with history and is the cities oldest surviving building. 

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8. Having gone to school in the Adirondacks, I'm a sucker for anything with a hint of an ADK theme. The Black Mountain Wine House in Brooklyn seems like it delivers that and much more. 

9. Another spot on Irving Place that is high on my list of places to go to is Dear Irving. The main inspiration for this four room bar is the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

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10. Like any good NYer I've been to the NY Botanical Gardens, but have yet to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I love a good garden day, so this might be saved for a fall afternoon! 

Happy touristing! 

ARS xx 

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