05 August 2016

All About the Shoes

I'll never forget the first time I realized I was a shoe person. I was living in my first apartment in Gramercy and was going through my shoes when I actually counted them and my jaw dropped. I casually mentioned something to my roommate at the time, Charlotte, about my high shoe count and she laughed and said "how did you not know you had a problem?". Ever since then I've been somewhat conscious about shopping for shoes, but could be better. I'm a lady so I won't share my number, but I'll share all the shoes I have on my wishlist...with the hope one of them makes my fall shopping list!

First up is the adorable Frances Valentine flats, I think they would be the perfect "transitional" shoe, right?

I can't get enough of these Paul Andrew ikat shoes! They remind me of a collaboration between Manolo Blanik and Madeline Weinrib that I wrote about a few years ago.

I regret not hopping on the Valentino stud train years ago - I guess I figured the appeal would be a personal "trend" but here I am, years later, still longing for a pair.

I'm also longing for these Christian Louboutin heels! Swoon! I know there is tortoise everywhere, almost to the point of overkill, but I love tortoise and it won't be in style forever so I should stock up while I can, right? Look at me, falling for my own sales pitch.

These Charlotte Olympia flats also fall into the "personal trend" trap I seem to love. While I'm not a cat fan, I can't stop thinking how much fun these shoes are. Could these be the ones I treat myself to?

Happy shoe shopping!

ARS xx


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