15 July 2016

Cool Recipes for a Hot Weekend

Despite the 90+ degree weather forecast this weekend I'm staying in the city. As tempting as it is to head home, I don't know if I want to be around when my parents are loading up the boat for my brother's regatta and as much as I love snuggling with my dog Thor he does disturb my sleep. To keep cool, I'll be frequenting museums, maybe treat myself to a facial, and probably take a stab at no oven needed recipes.

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I looooove the popsicles in Gwenth Paltrow's cookbook, but there are some more options online here in case you don't have the book.I find the recipes in all of her cookbooks to be relatively simple and delicious so if you don't have one it's definitely something to consider.

I also can't stop thinking about how refreshing this arugula, apricot, and walnut salad sounds. I've loved salads ever since I can remember, to the point where my grandfather used to call me a rabbit. I was never the kid that had to be forced to eat veggies (although I wasn't a massive fan of brussel sprouts until I had them with bacon).

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To end my hardly cooking weekend I think I'll take a stab at this matcha smoothie bowl. Cait has been trying to get me on the smoothie bowl train for quite some time now and I'm thinking this is the weekend to hop on.

What will you be "cooking" this weekend?

ARS xx


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