13 July 2016

My Moda Operandi Wishlist

Is it just me or are there a million adorable wardrobe updates to be made this month? In particular, I can't stop looking at Moda Operandi's site. I don't know what it is about this season, but I feel like all of the designers are reading my mind and making all of my style signatures and closet staples. Now that I've made it my mission to shop smarter, I'm buying only what I love love love and is unique to my wardrobe. Needless to say, it's hard to just narrow it down to a few things when everything you love is currently available (which rarely happens for me). Here are a few things I have my eye on:

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I'm envisioning wearing these Aquazzura flats this fall with a black mini skirt, sheer-ish knee socks, and a white button down (with a black sweater over it) for a Cher Horowitz back-to-cool look. I'll need to hold off until September though, as my roommate and I have a bet that I won't buy a pair of shoes through August. Fingers crossed they don't sell out (or I cave and buy the shoes).

93c27f5e290228352560be9251eafdd1.jpg (320×512)

I need want everything in the MDS Stripes trunkshow, but in particular I'm loving the chambray top (and this pink skirt....and maybe the everything scarf too). I've had a countdown for the sale ever since it was announced on instagram that the trunkshow would be coming soon! Seriously, everything Mark D. Sikes does is just simply an instant classic in my book. Did anyone else preorder his new book that I wrote about in my July book list yet?

cab44637a1bb13d6e69e5031b8bcc20a.jpg (236×377)

I want all of the Rebecca de Ravenel bonbon earrings, but will probably settle for one pair (specifically, the gold ones). As a girl with extremely sensitive ears, I rarely find earrings with a lower price point that I both love and can wear. These hit the mark as it looks like they have a clip on back, but should I be wrong, I've picked up a few tricks to make it work out for me.

Eek! I need to narrow down my choices and pick one splurge!

ARS xx


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