18 July 2016

Little Indulgences to Make Your Week Better

Phew! Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? I wish I felt this way during my workweek, but alas it just isn't meant to be. Needless to say, every once in awhile I'll need a pick me up for those weeks that tend to be extra extra long (and the weekend is extra extra short). A few of my favorite ways to treat myself, outside of the standard mani/pedi or shopping expedition, are with little snacks and goodies for the home.

I love love love my Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrian diffuser. This is one of the more perfect for the home treats just because it takes up little space but leaves a lasting impact. I can't get enough of this citrus diffuser that seems to calm me at night but also help wake me up in the morning.

These Japanese cookies are a serious addiction, but just one is enough for me....for the night at least. If I'm being honest I could eat all of the cookies in one sitting, but I always hold myself back and make the cookies that much more special (the higher than normal price point also helps me hold back). Dean and Deluca in SoHo carries them and you can order them online!

I also believe making time for yourself is a luxury not everyone allows time for. One of my favorite ways to take some time for myself is to take an hour or so to read. It's a small thing, but for an hour a day I have my quiet time, where I can recharge and not worry about anything except finishing the next chapter. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a whole list of books I'm hoping to get to, but currently I'm reading Wait for Me! a memoir by Duchess Deborah Mitford.

Happy Monday!

ARS xx


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