12 November 2013

Outfit Inspiration: All Year Round

I used to work in fashion, and recently I've been thinking it's time to get back into it. For awhile I felt I hit a wardrobe road bock, and something about this year has me more inspired than ever to update and play around with my style.

Maybe I was inspired by all the tartan and tweed I saw in the UK...

Or these dreamy (yet wearable) ballerina inspired outfits?

But then again, I've always been a Barbie girl, so this outfit is just screaming my name!

However, helloooooo leopard skirt, you need to be in my closet, like now. 

I'm all over the map (which is never attractive) and it's fall so I guess I'll stick to my uniform of black pants + fun flats or sneakers and refine my style at a later date. 

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